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10 Design Tricks to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

10 Design Tricks to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Small bathrooms can make your morning and evening routines not only less glamorous, but less efficient. Here are 10 storage and styling solutions to make your small bathroom feel bigger and function better.

Go Big on the Mirror

There is no better way to create the illusion of spaciousness than a wall-to-wall mirror. It not only picks up and amplifies any elements of natural light, but also doubles your visual space.

Hang Shower Curtains Strategically

Consider hanging a curtain that looks more like a drape than your run-of-the-mill plastic shower curtain. Even better, hang two curtains from either side of your bathtub so they can be pulled open and tucked away, simultaneously creating the illusion of more space and framing your bathtub in an aesthetically pleasing way. This works great on an unusual bathtub, like a vintage-inspired claw foot tub.

Gallery Wall

A room too small for artwork? Impossible. Because vertical space is all you have to work with, sometimes smaller spaces are ideal for wall displays. So, get creative and show off your individual style with a magnificent gallery wall,

Rounded Corners

A corner vanity that his rounded will help you gain back some valuable space in a small bathroom. Plus, it’ll also prevent you from banging into hard edges when you’re in a hurry.

Go Vertical

The smaller the space, the more important it is to make sure every piece in the room has a purpose. For instance, if you want to forgo the traditional medicine cabinet, consider choosing a mirror with built-in drawers or shelves. Or make good use of your vertical wall space by hanging cabinets that optimize organization and efficiency.

Extend Sink Surfaces

In lieu of a double sink vanity, a single sink with a long countertop design could save you some major space. There are options on the market where the sink and countertop are all one piece, and that are long enough so that two people can comfortably get ready at the same time. Sharing a sink is a small price to pay for all that extra room!

Glass Shower Doors

Bypass the dark shower curtain or foggy glass shower door and go all in for clear glass doors. Being able to see to the back shower wall will make your bathing space feel like livable square footage, thereby giving the illusion of a larger bathroom.

Light and Bright

While some may think an all-white bathroom is boring, it actually makes any small room feel bigger and brighter. Pairing the all-white concept with interesting materials is the key to ensuring plenty of style — light wood cabinets, natural stone countertops, and graphic floor tiles for example. If possible, try working with a designer or contractor to find a strategic layout for your odd-shaped space.

Shower Niches

If a big bathtub is a necessity, or if yours just happens to hog up all the space, make sure to save space in other areas. For instance, consider incorporating built-in shelves and smartly placed niches into the wall behind the bathtub to accommodate products and towels. Designers often use the same materials throughout so that these areas blend right into the wall.

Ledges Over Furniture

For bathrooms without a built-in vanity, a ledge right above the sink is the perfect solution. Not only will it hold all of your daily essentials like soap and toothpaste, it frees up the floor space that a big piece of furniture would have consumed. Your ledge could be as simple as a floating shelf above the sink. This option is especially convenient for those who do not have a mirror with a medicine cabinet. If space is an issue, another smart solution is to arrange a few floating shelves above the toilet.

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