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10 DIY Home Projects You Can Do With a Can of Paint

10 DIY Home Projects You Can Do With a Can of Paint

Transform everything from furniture to walls to vibrant accessories with just one can of paint — or less! Here are 10 creative projects to get you started.

1. Make Over a Thrift Store Dresser or Table

Give an old thrift store dresser a brand new look while covering up any imperfections by using just a little bit of paint. First clean up the drawers, then set them aside as you paint the hardware, top and sides of the dresser with one color. The natural wood of the drawers pop when paired with the solid color of the rest of the desk.

You can also modernize garage sale end tables with a simple coat of high-gloss paint and some new hardware. For a set of nesting tables, add a little playfulness by painting them a vibrant hue, or for extra fun paint them all a different color. Be sure to sand tables that aren’t in the best condition before you paint them.

Another paint upgrade that brings interest and joy to a room is to add an unexpected blast of color to the inside of your nightstand, dresser or vanity drawers. Don’t be afraid to go bold so the vibrant color brightens your day every time you open them.

2. Modernize Traditional-Style Brass Lighting & Accessories

A coat of white paint can go a long way in taking a room from formal and frumpy to fresh and fun. Use it to transform an old brass chandelier or bring tarnished old candlesticks into the now. For a thoroughly modern look, try painting the candlesticks various colors and matching them with candles of the same hue.

3. Update Drapery Rods

Creating a whole new look for your windows doesn’t have to break the bank. Simply paint your existing metal drapery rods and rings a crisp, clean white, and use them to hang affordable patterned sheers.

4. Bring a Tired Coat Rack Back to Life

Inject your entryway with a vibrant shot of color. Simply perk up a drab old coat rack with a fresh coat of paint. Hanging up your hat and coat just won’t feel the same.

5. Add Character to a Basic Door

Although basic, contractor-grade doors don’t necessarily have to be plain and ordinary. Consider using an accent color to highlight the insets of the door for a stylish modern look.

6. Create Your Own Abstract Wall Art

Tap into your artsy side with these simple and eye-catching DIY wall art solutions. Create your own abstract diptych on canvas by painting circles in varying sizes on top of a contrasting background color. For example, black circles on white brings a visual punch to an otherwise neutral room.

Another option is to make a modern, geometric piece of wall art. For this you’ll need painter’s tape, a little patience, and a few pretty paint colors. Simply tape off a geometric pattern that speaks to you and paint away! The finished piece will look like it came straight out of an art gallery.

7. Customize Furniture

With the continued popularity of painted bamboo furniture, why not use high-gloss paint to transform a hot yard sale find into something right out of the pages of a design magazine? Pick a new indoor-outdoor fabric you love and you’ll have a custom piece to be proud of.

Another easy upgrade will make use of those pesky little bits of leftover paint (even sample sizes). All you have to do is add a coat of fresh color to a dining chair’s spindles. You can make them all the same color or a rainbow of cheerful colors.

8. Paint the Interior of a China Cabinet

Give your basic glass-front cabinet a boost by painting the inside back and shelves a colorful hue. Not only will it add character and draw attention, it will also highlight anything you choose to store inside.

9. Give Plain Flower Pots a Modern Upgrade

Use plain white paint as a base on your basic terra-cotta flower pots. Next, secure a rubber band onto the pot as a simple way to tape off an asymmetrical section to paint in a bright, fun hue. Vary the pot sizes and the painted patterns to create a whole display of cheery houseplant homes.

10. Vibrant Vintage Luggage

Old suitcases, beat up and in rough shape, can find new life when covered in fresh new color. Paint a few and stack them as a bedside stand, or use a single case to store photos or paperwork under a console table.

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