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10 Easy-Grow Flowers for Newbie Gardeners

10 Easy-Grow Flowers for Newbie Gardeners

If you’re looking for a way to develop that green thumb, try out some of these gorgeous can’t-kill flower varieties.

1. Sunflowers

Sunflowers tend to be hardy plants. One particularly interesting variety, ‘Shock-O-Lat’, features dark brown blooms (the color of a chocolate bar) highlighted with golden ends, very large flower heads and many branches. A gold-colored “halo” circles the center. This specific variety reaches about 6 feet high. While each sunflower type varies slightly in coloration, all are free from pollen which makes them usable for vases.


Available in a variety of heights, Zinnias can be found in just about every color but blue. They may resemble dahlias or daisies, pom poms or spiders and more. For best results, plant them where they’ll get lots of sun and space them out as recommended on the label or seed packet. Remember, adequate air circulation will help prevent disease.


Brighten up your garden all summer long with marigolds in jolly shades of yellow, red and gold. A cinch to grow in sunny spots, American or African type marigolds can get to be 3 to 5 feet tall. Shorter and more compact varieties are also available.


A perfect flower for hanging baskets, garden beds or container gardens, hardy summer begonias like ‘Surefire Rose’ provide an abundance of rich color. Plant them in the sun or shade and your efforts will be rewarded.


All you need to grow these pretty annuals is reliably warm weather, a shady spot, and just enough water to keep them from wilting. Because many impatiens have fallen victim to downy mildew in recent years, it’s important to seek out new hybrid versions that are resistant to this deadly disease. ‘Big Bounce’ and others in the ‘Bounce’ series are downy mildew resistant.


Heavy bloomers that withstand even the harshest spring and fall weather, snapdragons will also attract butterflies to your beginner garden. Try the cute pink and cream variety ‘Twinny Appleblossom’.


When it comes to growing daffodils, all you have to do is plant the bulbs and stand back. Simply provide them a sunny to partly sunny home (containers or garden) and they’ll faithfully bloom each spring and fill your garden with vivid color and fragrance. For best results, plant them in the fall.


A sweet daisy-like flower, cosmos plants make a great addition to gardens or you can grow them from seeds. They are so easy-care that they’ll bloom pretty much anywhere — even in poor soils. They prefer full sun and tolerate drought well once they’ve started growing, however, in hot climates afternoon shade is appreciated.


Low-maintenance geraniums are smart additions to hanging baskets, window boxes, pots or garden beds. They are perky and colorful, and can be grown from spring until it frosts in the late fall. Give them a home in full sun. Afternoon shade may be needed in hot regions.

Morning Glories

Once morning glories have started growing, they can basically take care of themselves. To help them sprout, try soaking the seeds in lukewarm water overnight before planting. Be cautious when planting, as morning glories drop their seeds and self-sow easily. Without forethought, you’ll find yourself trying to manage out-of-control seedlings. To help keep seedlings to a minimum, consider raking, mowing or heavily mulching the ground beneath the plants.

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