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10 Important Spots You Forgot to Decorate

10 Important Spots You Forgot to Decorate

Ready to up your game? From adding decor to a humdrum bookshelf to sprucing up a dreary home office, these decorating ideas will inject fresh style into your entire home.


The perfect place to incorporate some personal touches, a bookshelf isn’t just for piling books. Paint or wallpaper the back of the shelf, or nestle keepsakes, framed photos, knickknacks and small plants between books. Experiment with alternating vertical and horizontal stacks of books for even more style.

Toy Corner

Bring some imagination to your child’s play area by integrating pops of color and fun patterns. Vibrant hues, like bright primary colors, paired with friendly polka-dots will wake up the space and encourage inspired play. Try a look subtle enough so that it can easily be changed as the child grows.

Coffee Table

Located in one of the busiest rooms of the house, coffee tables are prone to clutter. Replace those stacks of magazines and clunky remotes with books, a serving tray and fresh flowers. The change will do wonders.

Behind Doors

This can be a tricky one, but well worth the effort. Be sure to stick with narrow pieces that won’t be in the way of the door when it opens, like an ornate mirror or small shelf. And don’t forget about the floor space! Tall, narrow baskets or an umbrella holder are stylish and great for storage.

Home Bar

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-decorated home bar or bar cart. Make your bar area next level by injecting colorful, fun details. Find a few statement pieces, like funky wall art, unique lamps or an eclectic rug, and pair them with smaller touches, like fun stemware and bold dish towels. Simple, and adds an extra element to your home happy hour.

Computer Desk

The key here is to capture the best of both worlds: well-decorated and functional. You must keep office essentials handy, but also be mindful of how they’re displayed. Try some patterned and fun-shaped organizers to lighten up the work atmosphere. Or add some vintage character with a giant marquee letter and distressed desk chair.


Nightstand decor needs to stay simple. Keep it pretty and practical. Try a unique lamp or a decorative vase and then add a couple personal touches. Hang a piece of statement wall art behind it and you’ve got a perfect little vignette that amplifies the whole room.

Bathing Space

Showers might be a little more of a challenge, but if you have a dedicated tub for baths, decorate the surrounding space! Consider a gallery wall in your matching color scheme, a hanging plant, or little touches like stylish containers for your bathing must-haves.


Mudrooms often devolve into a dumping ground for kids’ items, so try some smart space-saving storage pieces that double as decor. Baskets, bookshelves, wall hooks all are good choices. Add some wall art or a vibrant rug for interest and you’ve transformed the space while regaining order.

Laundry Room

Typically a workhorse of a space, laundry rooms deserve a little fun. Try decorating with a variety of patterns in the same color scheme — from tile and wallpaper all the way down to the ironing board. Depending on your color palette, add a pop of color for visual interest.

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