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10 Small Patio Decorating Ideas

10 Small Patio Decorating Ideas

Even the tiniest patio can be transformed into a private oasis with the right furnishings. Use these ideas to turn your patio into a place you never want to leave.

Build in Layers of Comfort

Bring lushness to your patio by layering cozy elements like outdoor rugs, greenery, throw pillows and string lights. The smallest of spaces can feel like a special retreat when you dress it from bottom to top.

Boost Privacy

Using privacy walls can give your patio a sense of enclosure and make it feel more secluded. For example, consider adding a privacy screen, like old shutters or a folding partition, to block out unsightly views or noisy neighbors.

Another inexpensive and simple way to add privacy is to create a temporary wall by hanging curtains. This option is ideal for anyone whose neighbors are a little too close for comfort.

Add Statement Lighting

The benefits of good lighting are two-fold: They can help you appreciate your patio after dark, and also have the ability to draw the eye upward, which is exactly what you want in a small space. Be sure to find light bulbs and cords that are suitable for outdoor use.

Include Lounge Space

An underused patio can be turned into the perfect spot to begin or end your day by simply adding the right seating. You just need a comfortable place to sit back and relax, whether a hammock, lounge chair or daybed.

Pick Double-Duty Furniture

Smaller spaces require creative thinking, including finding furniture that can serve more than one function. For example, a stylish stool can be used as a side table or extra seating when necessary. In addition, there are pieces of furniture that feature built-in storage.

Incorporate Plants

An absolute must for any outdoor space, greenery adds life and vibrancy that can’t be replicated by any other decorating element. Bring in a selection of potted plants for color and texture.

Create a Cozy Dining Area

If you enjoy dining outdoors but have limited room, consider designing a compact dining nook. While there are many space-saving options available, one of the most stylish and versatile choices is a folding bistro table for two that can easily be stashed away when extra space is needed.

Play Music

Music is a powerful asset that sets the mood for your little patio oasis. It doesn’t matter if you’re just relaxing by yourself or hosting a small get-together, music will help minimize distractions (think noisy neighbors). If hardwiring a sound system into your space isn’t an option, portable Bluetooth speakers are great for bringing music outdoors and can be stored when not in use.

Add Dashes of Color

While it’s true that neutral colors are soothing, it’s also important to include pops of color in your outdoor space to keep things interesting. To that end, try adding in some pretty blues and greens to mirror your natural surroundings without distracting from their beauty.

Roll Out a Bar Cart

No room for an outdoor cooking area? A bar cart can prove to be just as useful. Compact and mobile, you can easily move it around to keep drinks and appetizers stocked and close at hand.

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