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4 Creative Nightstand Alternatives

4 Creative Nightstand Alternatives

If looking at the same old nightstand has you yawning, maybe it’s time to swap it out with one of these fresh bedside table ideas.

Floating Shelves

A pair of floating shelves mounted one atop the other not only creates an ultra sleek look, it opens up floor space for a decorative pouf or basket. Hang the bottom shelf around bed height so that it can hold a book and an alarm clock within arm’s reach. Place the top shelf about 14 or 16 inches higher to display photos and other decorative items.

Small Desk

Especially suited for smaller spaces, where pieces serving double duty is very helpful, a simple, small-scale writing desk makes a fine bedside table. Try to find one with two drawers so that one can hold personal items like lip balm, lotion and reading glasses; and the other, office supplies. A versatile lamp choice, such as a tall talk light, will be handy for working as well as reading in bed.

Rolling Bar Cart

If you forget for a minute what its actual purpose is, and instead focus on how practical and glamorous it looks in your sleeping quarters, a bar cart won’t seem strange at all. Even if the only drink you put on it is a glass of water at night, you’ll find it extremely convenient. Not only is it easily moved for cleaning purposes, most have a bottom shelf for holding stacked storage boxes, extra blankets, or anything else you’d like close by.

Filing Cabinet

While you should choose a petite and stylish filing cabinet rather than the boxy office workhorse type, the three drawers typical of any small file cabinet will hold quite a bit. You can corral books and magazines, store your tablet and other devices, or even keep important papers handy. Free up space on the top by bypassing the lamp and hanging a sconce on the wall.

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