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4 Essential Features Home Buyers Always Look For

4 Essential Features Home Buyers Always Look For

Whether purchasing, selling, or looking to invest in your home, there are four must-have features you need to know about.

First-time home buyers these days lead a more casual, laid-back lifestyle, which is reflected in their priorities when searching for a home. Formal home design styles are out, as are rigid floor plans. Instead, flexibility is key — including extra spaces and high-tech features. The home’s outward appearance is also high-priority. Here’s what they consider essential:

1. Natural Materials

Think marble, concrete and wood. Buyers are looking for natural-looking surfaces in every room — hardwood floors instead of carpeting, natural stone countertops in bathrooms and kitchens. And it doesn’t just stop there. Furniture and accessories are part of this trend as well. For example, rich wood finishes often associated with midcentury modern decor continue to be popular.

2. Curb Appeal

The importance of making a positive first impression cannot be emphasized enough. Much like meeting a new person, that first impression is what stays with you and influences whether you meet up again. Simply put, the exterior appearance of a home is equally as important as its interior design. After all, returning to your home should be a happy occasion at the end of the day. So, making your home visually appealing should be a top priority.

As far as boosting curb appeal goes, there are many things that can be done, including simple projects like painting the front door, decorating the porch or installing a new mailbox. Other more involved strategies include adding visually pleasing landscaping, incorporating outdoor lighting, and keeping up with regular maintenance on your home.

3. Bonus Spaces

Another hot item on potential buyers’ lists when looking at homes is a spare room. The flexibility this extra space affords is very attractive. It can be used for different purposes over time, growing with the new owners as they go through changes. For example, a bonus room might start out as a home office or workout room, but end up as a kids playroom in time. It’s this multifunctionality that home buyers are looking for.

4. Smart Features

Today’s first-time home buyers have grown up with technology and are excited about smart home features. In their view, smart technology lessens their burden by automating basic tasks. They want to be able to adjust the thermostat, turn on lights and lock doors by using voice commands or through an app on their smartphone while they’re away from home.

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