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4 Organizing Strategies for a Compact Home

4 Organizing Strategies for a Compact Home

Maximize the space in your tiny home — even if it doesn’t seem possible — with these strategic organizing ideas.

1. Pick Versatile Furniture

Incorporating furniture items with built-in storage is an effective way to maximize storage space in a small apartment. For example, there are storage ottomans that can serve as an end table while holding shoes, and couches with an attached chaise lounge that can store extra paper towels and toilet paper when raised. Have a lot of jewelry? Consider a full-length mirror that opens up to reveal a hidden jewelry compartment. In addition to these options, flexible furniture like coffee tables or bed frames that lift up can be used to conceal bulk items, such as home office components or seasonal clothing.

2. Make Use of Vertical Space

In small spaces, it may be necessary to use wall space for storage, even if it goes against your minimalist design principles. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases or floating shelves can be used to store books, barware, or bathroom products. Alternatively, a slim shelving unit on wheels can be used to create a fully organized pantry.

When setting up a small office, consider a wall-mounted desk paired with a file cabinet that can double as a bench. Hang hooks in strategic places, such as by the front door, for storing items like keys or coats. Customizable rack organizers can also be used to corral small items on the inside of any door, like a coat closet or bathroom door, allowing them to be safely stowed away until needed.

3. Be Intentional When Choosing Organizing Products

Since organization tools often turn into clutter themselves, it’s important to be intentional when purchasing them. While it’s true that organizing products can greatly improve space in cabinets and closets, it’s important to take careful measurements and determine the exact number of products needed to prevent excess.

Some favorite storage supplies include shelf risers, drop-front shoe boxes, stackable drawers, slim hangers, and two-tiered lazy Susans. Counting the number of articles of clothing or shoes you own can help you purchase the right amount of hangers or organizers. Finally, mastering the art of file-folding clothing in containers or drawers can also help maximize space.

4. Remember: Less Is More

Although it’s not really a storage tip, adopting a mindset of “less is more” can greatly enhance the functionality of a compact home. Even with ample storage space, owning more stuff than space can make you feel cramped. Regularly decluttering your possessions can help with this.

For example, before heading to the grocery store, take a few minutes to check your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry for expired items, and avoid buying things you don’t need. Keep a tote bag by your closet and fill it with any items that no longer make you happy. Schedule half an hour each season to go through makeup and skincare items, and pare down as needed. Consistently decluttering in this way can make your home feel more spacious.

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