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5 Christmas Decor Trends to Pass Over This Year

5 Christmas Decor Trends to Pass Over This Year

Explore which holiday trends are fading away and what styles to adopt instead.

As the festive season approaches, it’s a good time to evaluate your existing holiday decorations and decide if you need to refresh your collection. To assist you in sprucing up your home, we outline which holiday decor trends are outdated and suggest alternatives.

The general view is to move away from extravagant holiday decorations towards a more subtle, calm, and thoughtful look. This includes using natural elements, adding personal touches, and opting for holiday colors that blend well with your home’s existing decor. Ideas like creating a warm atmosphere with fairy lights, using naturally gathered greenery, avoiding traditional color themes, and adopting a minimalist approach are top recommendations for this year’s holiday decor.

Here’s a rundown of the fading trends and the emerging ones poised to take their place. Remember, the most important aspect of holiday decorating is to use items that you truly love, so feel free to adapt these trends to your personal style.

1. Switch Out Overly Flashy Decor for Natural Options

One Christmas trend that is fading is the use of excessively vibrant, glittery, and ornate holiday decorations. Instead, opt for a more subdued color scheme that incorporates natural elements, enhancing your home’s look without changing it completely.

Be mindful of your decorative choices. Favor natural materials and steer clear of excessive glitz. The goal is to create a soothing visual environment. Embrace the outdoors by gathering greenery and pinecones to craft homemade wreaths and boughs, and place any found foliage in large vases to adorn your home.

In addition, consider drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design to create a tranquil and inviting holiday atmosphere. There’s no need for extravagant decorations; aim for a peaceful, Nordic vibe. Replace loud colors and cluttered decor with neutral tones, soft textures, and elements from nature. This principle extends to lighting too. Do the indoor fairy lights, but also consider adding outdoor lights to your deck or porch, for a warm glow during the chilly winter nights.

2. Swap the Tree Skirt for a Collar

Instead of the traditional tree skirt, think about finishing your Christmas tree with a chic tree collar. There’s a variety of exciting tree collar styles to choose from, including metallic, wicker, and painted plaid designs that offer a more refined appearance than a conventional skirt. For a more personalized touch, try crafting your own tree collar. You can repurpose items like a galvanized bucket or a woven basket and customize them with unique details such as a monogram, your house number, or a significant date. Of course, the market offers an array of ready-to-purchase tree collars, so no matter which approach you take you’ll be sure to find one that aligns with your home’s style.

3. Lose the Traditional Red and Green

Instead of sticking to the typical Christmas color palette, choose one that enhances your current interior design. Replace the conventional red and green hues of holiday decor with other color combinations that align better with your home’s style, like greens and blues. This approach updates holiday decorations with a contemporary twist, ensuring they blend seamlessly and more purposefully into your living space.

4. Ditch the Maximalist Approach

This year, consider a more subdued approach to holiday decorating, rather than adorning every available inch of your home. Remember, effective editing is crucial in styling a space, regardless of the season. Lean towards using holiday decorations in a minimalistic manner to complement, rather than overwhelm, your home’s decor.

Resist the urge to clutter every spare nook and cover each tabletop with your accumulated holiday decor. Embracing a minimalist approach results in a more graceful, carefully curated, and intentional environment. Additionally, this strategy simplifies the post-holiday cleanup and storage process, as there will be fewer decorations to pack away.

5. Forget Perfection and Embrace Personal

Ease the stress this holiday season. Rather than striving for impeccable holiday decor, concentrate on infusing your home with more personal, meaningful accents. The emphasis should be on tradition and the joy of reusing cherished decorations and ornaments. Be inventive — a simple idea could be to adorn your tree with wooden napkin rings with beautiful ribbons tied to them.

The true value lies not in the appearance of the decorations, but in the memories and sentimental value they hold. Make the most of the items you already own, have fun with the process, and cherish the creation of memories and traditions.

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