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5 Natural Ways to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

5 Natural Ways to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

Keep mosquitoes away and avoid using harsh pesticides with these five natural solutions.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer nights on the patio. There are natural ways to repel them and reduce their population without using harsh pesticides. Instead of spraying the entire yard with toxic chemicals, try these eco-friendly solutions to keep the pests away. When you hear that familiar buzzing or feel a bite, use nature’s repellents to keep mosquitoes from crashing your party. With these methods, you can enjoy your time outside without having to constantly slap and run for cover.

1. Plant a Fragrant Garden

Certain plants have fragrances that mosquitoes dislike, including rosemary, mint, basil, lemon balm, catnip, marigold, and lavender. Plant them generously in your garden, particularly around outdoor areas where you gather with guests. When you walk by the plants, make sure to brush against them or rub the leaves, which will emit the oils into the air and onto your skin.

2. Drain Standing Water

Mosquitoes typically lay their eggs in stagnant water, so if you’re dealing with a lot of these pesky insects, it’s important to check your outdoor area for potential breeding grounds. Look out for things like birdbaths that need to be refreshed, plugged up gutters, and even standing puddles of rainwater. By consistently dumping or draining any standing water you find, you can reduce the likelihood of a swarm of mosquitoes ruining your next outdoor gathering.

3. Clean Up Your Yard

Regularly maintaining your yard can go a long way in preventing adult mosquitoes from making a home in overgrown plants and debris. Simply keeping your outdoor space neat and tidy can disrupt the habitat for these pesky insects and ruin their party instead of yours.

4. Add Citronella Candles

While citronella candles can readily be found in most home and garden stores during the summer months, you can easily make your own by using some old candle wax, a few drops of citronella oil, and empty soup cans. This is not only a great way to recycle, but it also allows you to customize the scent to your liking if you find the smell of pure citronella too strong.

5. Create a Breeze

Consider bringing a fan outside on warm evenings and directing it toward the party spot. It might even be worth investing in a waterproof fan that’s specifically designed for outdoor use. Alternatively, if you have a covered porch or deck, installing a ceiling fan above it might be a good option. The fan will provide a cooling breeze and keep the pesky insects away.

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