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6 Easy Steps for Hanging Floating Shelves

6 Easy Steps for Hanging Floating Shelves

If you love a sleek, clean minimalist look, floating shelves (wall-mounted shelves with no brackets) are a great option for you. Not only do they look magical when installed, hanging them isn’t as hard as you think. Hint: It’s all about the bracket.

1. Choose your shelves.

While there are many different types of floating shelves out there, all slightly different, here’s what they all have in common: a wall-mounted bracket that holds them in place that is hidden once installed.

2. Decide shelf placement.

Whether centered over a piece of furniture or spread out across the wall, decide and measure out where you want your shelves to be positioned. Then, using a level, hold the shelves in place while you draw a line on the wall marking their location.

3. Mark brackets.

Using that drawn line as a guide, take your shelf brackets and hold them up to the wall so that you can trace the screw holes. If you’ll be installing your shelves on a wallpaper-clad wall, use a box cutter to score the screw marks so that the screws will go in more easily. Also, if drywall anchors are needed, drill them in where marked. If not, continue on to the next step.

4. Install brackets.

Where the screw hole marks are located on the wall, drill screws through the brackets and securely into the wall starting with the middle screws. Make sure the bracket is level before adding the final screws.

5. Attach shelves.

Slide your chosen shelves over the brackets. If there was a “securing screw” included with your shelf parts, attach it. Double check your shelves to make sure they are strong and stable before moving on to the next step.

6. Style shelves.

Load the empty shelves with your chosen decor. Books, framed photos, potted plants, the sky’s the limit!

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