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6 Home Decor Trends That Can Make Your Interior Look Outdated

6 Home Decor Trends That Can Make Your Interior Look Outdated

Wanting to switch up your home’s look to keep pace with changing trends and preferences is entirely reasonable. However, pinpointing the elements that are making your home feel outdated can sometimes be challenging.

When the ambiance of your kitchen begins to feel tiresome or an aspect of your bedroom seems off, it might be due to specific decorating decisions. Individual taste in home design varies widely, and agreement on what enhances or detracts from a room’s appeal is rare. Yet, certain design elements stand out as the reason your space looks dated.

To maintain a look that stays current, there are certain types of fixtures, pieces of furniture, and color schemes you might want to steer clear of:

1. Making Trendy Elements Irreversible

Embracing new trends is part of the excitement of interior design. However, overcommitting to these trends can result in a home that feels out of date and may cause regret later on.

It’s wise to incorporate styles that you believe will stand the test of time in your home. So for trendy design interests, consider elements that can be easily changed, such as temporary wallpapers, area rugs, artwork, and paint, which allow for flexibility and future updates.

2. Wholly Adopting a Color Trend

Investing heavily in popular trends can apply to more than just fixtures; it also extends to color choices. While some color trends, such as an all-white kitchen, may seem stylish initially, they can be the primary factor in making a space feel out of date. There are classic color combinations that remain enduring over the years, which might be a better choice. Then if you’re thinking about introducing a current color trend, incorporate it in moderation.

3. Painting Your Kitchen Island the Wrong Blue

Blue kitchen islands have become a noticeable feature in homes that seem outdated, particularly those that followed the trend between 2018 and 2022. Although initially appealing as a vibrant dash of color, the charm of a bright blue can wane with time, especially when seeing it day after day while cooking. Often, the problem lies in choosing an overly vibrant shade of blue.

Selecting the right blue for your kitchen should align with the desired look you want. For a timeless and adaptable choice, consider a green-tinged slate blue or other subdued tones.

4. Overpowering Patterns and Colors

Maximalism suits those who enjoy a more daring, grand, and vivid home environment. However, if you’re venturing into the realm of rich colors and eclectic pattern combinations for the first time, it’s important to proceed with caution. Thoughtlessly applying a variety of prints and intense colors can lead to a look that goes out of style quickly.

Instead, a neutral, well-balanced color scheme is recommended for its flexibility with changing decorating trends. This approach doesn’t require completely forgoing vibrant wallpaper or a patterned throw; rather, it encourages starting with subtle applications.

5. Architectural Tiles

A quick way to an outdated look is the overuse of architectural wall tiles. They’ve been a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, accent walls, and fireplace surrounds, but many interior designers have shifted away from this trend. While these tiles may still work for exterior spaces, their appeal indoors has diminished. For a more contemporary update, consider using a single large tile for accent walls instead of various small ones. This sleek approach fits a wide range of home styles and keeps the interior feeling fresh.

6. Out of Style Furniture

Furniture with an overly elaborate design can also date a space significantly. Instead of choosing bulky, detailed pieces, opt for sleek, modern furniture that maintains a classic look. While there is a certain charm to large, antique armoires and ornate Victorian seating, filling a room with these types of furnishings can make it seem instantly antiquated.

Regarding furniture, it’s also wise to reassess your lighting choices. Inadequate lighting from an outdated lamp, harsh lighting from a bright bulb, or a conventional flush-mount overhead light can all detract from the room’s overall ambiance. A mix of lighting styles can help to produce an atmosphere that is both welcoming and well lit.

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