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6 Home Furnishings to Always Keep Neutral

6 Home Furnishings to Always Keep Neutral

Certain colors may not suit every area of the house — it’s often wiser to choose home accessories with neutral tones.

When selecting accent decorations or furniture for your home, remember that vivid shades may not always be suitable. Consider these six home items that are best bought in neutrals rather than bold colors.

1. Large Pieces of Furniture

It’s a good idea to opt for larger furniture items like sofas, sectionals, and cabinets in shades that have lasting appeal. Subdued or neutral tones tend to be preferable for these bigger pieces because they provide flexibility and blend effortlessly with more vivid decorative accents. In addition, furniture in bright colors can overwhelm a room, which is often undesirable. Choosing substantial furniture pieces from a reputable supplier can ensure they endure for years, with neutral colors enhancing their timelessness.

2. Toilets and Tubs

Avoid choosing toilets and bathtubs in bright colors, as they may give your design a dated flair in the long run instead of a lasting elegance. If you’re not convinced, all you have to do is think back to the vibrant bathroom colors of the 1970s and 1980s.

If you’re tempted to incorporate some color into your bathroom, consider a balanced approach: select a sink and countertop in understated tones, but add a splash of color with a striking faucet. This way, if your preferences evolve over the next few years, replacing this single item won’t be costly, nor will it necessitate updating all the surrounding materials.

3. Flooring

Although bold rugs can inject character into a room, it’s important that your main flooring, whether tile or hardwood, maintains a subdued tone. Opting for flooring in neutral or natural hues is preferable, as it makes updating your space much easier in the future if your tastes change.

4. Small Kitchen Appliances

Take that bold red blender out of your shopping cart and choose a more understated option instead. Look into attractive decorative dishware or colorful mugs for your kitchen display as an alternative. This approach allows you to easily rotate items from your cabinets whenever you’re ready for a new look. Plus, if you ever move, these items are more adaptable to varying kitchen styles.

5. Deck Furniture

Be careful when selecting patio furniture colors. A neutral palette outdoors is actually a good way to create harmony, as it won’t overshadow the natural beauty of the surrounding plant life. While brightly colored furniture might complement tropical or coastal settings well, it could seem misplaced in cooler climates. In these cases, it’s often best to introduce color through an assortment of local plants and blooms. Choosing neutral tones for your outdoor furnishings ensures they seamlessly blend with your exterior environment. Shades like beige or off-white remain classic and versatile, promising to match your outdoor space for a long time.

6. Bed Linens & Towels

Pick the style of your bed linens, by all means, but keep the color simple. Classic white is often a preferred choice and here’s why: it conveys a fresh, clean feel that is soothing to everyone at bedtime. Bedrooms should embody tranquility and promote a peaceful ambiance.

Likewise, reserve the bold, colorful towels for the beach. In the bathroom, a more timeless aesthetic is preferable, and that comes with neutral shades. Though simple, a white towel can evoke the luxurious feel of a spa.

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