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6 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Place of Rest and Renewal

6 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Place of Rest and Renewal

Discovering a comfy nook for relaxation and creating a space dedicated to outdoor fun might fill you with fresh vitality.

If you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed by responsibilities, making a few changes to your routines and some adjustments to your living space could provide a remedy. Consider experimenting with the following eight suggestions.

1. Create Welcoming Resting Spots

Despite ample research supporting the benefits of an afternoon nap, it remains somewhat stigmatized unless you are self-employed or work for a forward-thinking company. That’s unfortunate because the advantages of brief siestas are numerous. We can take a cue from our furry companions, cats and dogs, who effortlessly transition from wild playfulness to deep slumber. Scientific studies demonstrate that a well-timed, short nap can effectively recharge our energy reserves.

Mastering the art of napping requires a few key considerations. To begin with, keeping the nap duration short is essential — no less than 10 minutes, but not too long either. Flinders University in Australia conducted a study on daytime napping, highlighting the significance of sleep length in determining our post-nap performance.

Equally important is the timing of the nap. It is recommended to take a nap six to eight hours after waking up, meaning that if you rise at 7 a.m., your optimal nap window falls between 1 and 3 p.m.

If it’s inconvenient to retreat to your bed for a nap or you’re concerned about oversleeping, create inviting spaces throughout your home that promote a quick snooze. For instance, a sunlit window seat adorned with comfortable cushions or throws can serve as an ideal spot.

2. Think About Color Palettes

Create an ambiance that aligns with the intended purpose of each area in your home. For spaces designated for sleep or relaxation, employ natural or muted color schemes, gentle lighting, and enhance the atmosphere with snug rugs and comforting throws.

To invigorate yourself in other areas of the house, inject the environment with vibrant colors. Or if bold hues don’t resonate with you, experiment with striking black and white contrasts.

3. Don’t Forget About Fun

In the midst of our hectic lives, engrossed in the demands of work, family, and staying current on world happenings, do we occasionally overlook the importance of having fun?

While a climbing wall adorning the side of our house may be a bit much, maybe there are other activities we enjoy that could bring some energy to our lives. Things like singing, dancing, playing board games, or simply playing soccer with our children in the backyard.

We’ve all experienced that familiar feeling — when we find it challenging to muster the motivation to leave the comfort of our sofa and engage in physical exercise. However, once we do make the effort, the rewards are undeniable.

Spending time outdoors, soaking up the rejuvenating effects of vitamin D, can also invigorate our spirits. Consider maximizing the allure of any outdoor spaces you have, enticing you to venture into the fresh air and embrace the outdoors.

4. Make Yourself a Meditation Area

The reported advantages of meditation closely resemble those of a power nap. Engaging in a consistent meditation routine is believed to reduce the heart rate, enhance memory, boost cognitive function, and, naturally, provide us with increased energy.

5. Make Room for a Hobby

It may seem paradoxical: Gain more energy by adding more activities to our lives. Aren’t we simply burdening ourselves with more busyness? However, discovering an activity that brings us joy and fully captivates our minds, whether it can be pursued within the confines of our home or requires venturing outside, has the potential to awaken our senses.

Is there a long-held aspiration, such as painting, gardening, or sewing, for which you can create a dedicated space at home? Alternatively, are there external pursuits that pique your interest, such as pottery classes, joining a book club, or learning Spanish? Engaging in social activities can offer even greater benefits. Acquiring a new skill, regardless of its nature, has the power to re-energize us.

6. Eat at Home as a Family

Evaluate your diet to ensure it provides the necessary fuel for your energy needs. Opt for nutritious takeout options, prepare meals at home, and prioritize dining at the table rather than in front of screens. Allowing a few hours between your last meal and bedtime can contribute to improved sleep quality.

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