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7 Bathroom Design Elements That Come Highly Recommended

7 Bathroom Design Elements That Come Highly Recommended

Designing your dream bathroom can be a daunting task, but by incorporating certain cherished design elements, you’re more likely to create a space that you’ll love for years to come.

Here are seven bathroom details that experts confidently recommend to everyone. These design elements have been recommended by remodelers time and time again, and are sure to help you create a beautiful and functional bathroom space that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

1. Heated Flooring

According to design and building professionals, the most recommended bathroom feature is heated floors. Homeowners are often surprised to learn that this relatively minor detail can have such a significant impact on the overall spa-like experience of their bathroom. However, once you experience the cozy warmth of heated bathroom floors, you’ll never want to go back to cold tile.

Heated floors are relatively easy to install and don’t have to break the bank. They add an extra level of comfort and luxury that homeowners love and refuse to give up once they’ve experienced it.

2. Ideal Lighting

Bathroom remodeling pros also encourage paying attention to lighting. They suggest a layered approach, made up of overhead lights, accent lights, and decorative lights. Additionally, incorporating a nightlight is important for those who get up frequently during the night. Nightlights can be placed at the toe kick or under a floating vanity, and can conveniently be set on a sensor to only turn on when the room is dark.

A skylight over the shower, preferably an operable one for ventilation, is another great addition to a bathroom, and installing a dimmer switch for light fixtures is essential for accommodating different moods and tasks. And lastly? Always install lighting on the sides of the mirror to avoid shadows on the face.

3. In-Drawer Electrical Outlets

Rechargeable and electric-powered gadgets, from hair dryers to electric toothbrushes, are becoming increasingly more common in the bathroom, which can clutter up the countertop and pose safety hazards. To keep these devices charged, organized and out of the way, consider incorporating storage with outlets in it, like hiding an outlet inside a drawer or cabinet. Popular options include a medicine cabinet with built-in outlets or a plug strip inside a vanity cabinet.

Not only does this approach help to declutter your countertop, but it also maintains the aesthetic of a backsplash or other decorative features by concealing the outlets from plain sight.

4. Lots of Storage Space

Proper storage is essential for any functional bathroom, and design professionals suggest a combination of various storage solutions, including open shelves, closed cabinets, drawers, niches, or any other appropriate options. Towels and bathroom accessories typically require a lot of storage space, and there are several ways to integrate storage into a bathroom with beautiful and practical cabinetry.

Also recommended? A hidden hamper located close to the shower, either inside a linen cabinet or a vanity. This helps to prevent dirty clothes and towels from cluttering up the bathroom.

5. Add a Shower Niche

When it comes to showers, a dedicated space for shampoo bottles and other products is now a standard feature in most designs, and a recessed niche in the shower wall is the most popular solution.

While various designs are available, it’s important to make certain that the niche dimensions can accommodate the height and number of products usually kept in the shower, with some extra space for overflow. When installing a niche, consider adding a middle shelf inside the standard rectangular cutout positioned in the bottom third of the space, creating a smaller compartment for soap and razors at the bottom and an upper shelf for taller necessities like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

As a bonus, a niche provides an opportunity to incorporate some added style into the shower by way of contrasting accent tiles or other materials.

6. Don’t Forget a Handheld Sprayer

The addition of a handheld sprayer may seem like a minor feature, but it can significantly impact the shower experience. Not only is it ideal for washing shower walls and rinsing soap out of your hair, but it also makes a variety of other tasks easier, like cleaning children and pets.

7. Include Natural Materials

Bathroom designers often prefer natural materials over synthetic ones because they have a special quality that’s hard to define. To put it simply, they make us feel good, which is ideal for creating a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in our bathrooms. Using real stone, wood and plants — earthy elements that complement the water element — creates an ambiance that is incredibly rejuvenating for the mind, body, and soul.

Incorporate natural materials by using things like wood vanities, natural woven elements, or marble — a favorite among many bathroom professionals. If you don’t mind some wear, marble develops a beautiful patina over time. It’s a classic material that never goes out of style.

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