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7 Home Trends That Will Pass the Test of Time

7 Home Trends That Will Pass the Test of Time

Design trends nowadays cycle in and out at an astonishing rate. These seven will get you out of that fad loop and give you something with staying power.

Generally speaking, which interior trends should you consider investing in? The ones that you will continue to love in the years to come. Instead of focusing on what’s currently trendy, prioritize what you truly enjoy when selecting home decor. It’s crucial to concentrate on what resonates with you rather than worrying about what’s in or out of fashion. Overthinking every decision can lead to a dull and uninspiring home. Take any trend suggestions (including these!) with a pinch of skepticism and rely on your instincts to ensure that they align with your preferences.

1. Black is the New Black

Currently, black has become the go-to color for numerous interior designers. People are seeking to deviate from the traditional whites and grays, resulting in its popularity. Taking it even further, the preference for darker, moodier spaces in general is attracting people, regardless of their inclination towards black specifically.

2. Go With Natural Stone & Travertine

While some design experts believed that marble had already peaked, others suggest that stone is still gaining momentum. Marble and travertine, in particular, are exceptional natural materials that will remain classics. To retain the timeless quality of stone, opt for rounded edges rather than sharp, modern corners. Additionally, it’s a good idea to avoid high-contrast marble countertops. They may attract a bunch of likes on social media, but it’s better to select a more natural-looking finish for something that will be a permanent fixture for years to come.

3. Consider Slab Backsplashes

Slab backsplashes, which involve extending the counter material up the walls, continue to gain traction as a stone-related trend. Not only is this style chic, but it is also low-maintenance. To ensure a timeless appearance, opt for a clean and simple aesthetic. This approach guarantees that your investment will stay relevant in the long term — even after 10 or 20 years — as long as you don’t go nuts with patterns.

4. Give Metal a Try, Particularly Iron

Hand-hewn metal is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Upscale showrooms that cater to trendy decor are currently highlighting semi-Brutalist-style metal furnishings. Many designers predict that iron accents will be a future trend as well. This is good news for those on a tight budget, as wrought iron details can be quite cost-effective, particularly in the form of small sculptures, candlesticks, and side tables. In addition, they are versatile and complement both mid-century and historic styles that you may already have in your home.

5. Incorporate Arches and Curves

While we can expect the popularity of curves and arches to persist this year, the arch motif may have already peaked. Therefore, it’s smart to be cautious about incorporating arches into your architecture, such as arched doorways or built-in niches. Instead, turn to furniture or accent pieces that embody the curvaceous trend.

6. Mix in Some ‘Old World’ Pieces

Following years of mass-produced mid-century modern styles, some people are moving away from the simplistic, minimalist designs and opting for something more Old World. Dark wood with antique, hand-carved embellishments, reminiscent of an Italian or French villa, is gaining popularity. It’s worth noting that incorporating this trend does not require a complete style overhaul; rather, it’s about blending looks. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different styles that bring you pleasure. There’s no harm in combining traditional and contemporary design elements.

7. Go Bold With Color

Following years of interiors dominated by neutrals, designers are seeing their clients embrace more vibrant colors. Sounds fun, right? If you’d like to follow suit and incorporate bold color into your home decor, just be aware of a few things. Given the rapid pace of today’s trend cycle, it’s best to focus on selecting a color you enjoy, rather than searching for a trendy color (since it will be out of style next month). For example, if your home is currently adorned in beige, you may begin the transition to bold color by picking a hue you enjoy and selecting a mid-tone with some earthiness in the color. This will result in a more livable shade than choosing a pure or more saturated tone.

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