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7 Pieces of Furniture Suitable for Any Home

7 Pieces of Furniture Suitable for Any Home

Just starting out? Don’t hesitate to invest in these pieces of furniture. From a tiny starter home to a dream home in the future, they can go with you to any new living space.

1. Indoor-Outdoor Chairs

It’s not necessary for your dining chairs to be upholstered in order for them to be comfortable. This is especially true for those who typically have a quick bite and then head to the living room to relax. Classic style dining chairs abound that are durable and relaxingly shaped, and that can as easily be used outside as indoors, making them very flexible.

A nice set of outdoor-safe chairs can serve as a dining set today and patio furniture down the road. Other uses along the way are possible as well: in the bathroom or guest room, as a desk chair, or even as an informal nightstand. Try to find a set made of metal or polypropylene with slats or openings in the back and seat so that rainwater can drain.

2. Well-Made Dining Table

A basic but tasteful dining table makes a sound long-term investment, as it can be used as a desk if you decide to upgrade to a larger table later. This is especially true for those who enjoy tablecloths — an ornate table isn’t necessary, just a sturdy one made to last.

3. Small-Scale Leather Sofa

Skimping on the sofa is common for those first starting out because many equate size with cost. They reason that a small sofa to fit in a small space should cost as little as possible. The truth, however, is that a sofa represents an important part of your home, and it’s worthwhile investing as much as you can to find one that is comfortable. After all, what’s comfortable now will stay comfortable for years to come.

A compact leather sofa makes the perfect centralized relaxation spot for one or two people now, and in the future has the ability to become a cozy spot in a family room or den. In addition, leather ages well and blends easily with other fabrics as it transitions from being a main player to just a side piece in a larger seating arrangement.

4. Versatile Sectional

While sectionals make a great fit for multiple rooms, a lot of people stay away from them because a different configuration may be needed when they move into their next home. For example, an L-shaped sectional may not fit the layout when they move.

One way around this dilemma is to plan ahead and pick out a flexible sectional that is reconfigurable. That way the chances of it fitting into your next home are greatly increased.

For best results, try to find a sectional with a portable ottoman base, standalone slipper chair units that can be used separately, or detached seat cushions that can be turned to reverse the orientation from right-facing to left-facing.

5. Multipurpose Stools and Tables

Rather than having your “living room set” makeup consist of a sofa, side chairs and a coffee table, consider swapping out the table with a few versatile ottomans or stools so that you have some flexibility in your arrangement — now and in the future.

Having smaller furnishings in a small space allows you to incorporate some much-needed breathing room, and compact tables and stools can easily be tucked in here and there as you move to large homes over the years.

Try to find ottomans with a top firm enough to support snack and beverage trays. In addition, tables that can also serve as stools are ideal, as they can be used as emergency seating or moved to other parts of the home as needed. (Note: Not all seat-height tables are strong enough to serve as a stool. Be sure that the table is specifically recommended for sitting.)

6. Timeless Sideboard

One classic sideboard will provide a bit of storage, but more importantly, it’ll bring loads of functionality to any living space. For example, a unit that features shelves, drawers, or a mix of both can store dishware and act as a serving station in the dining room, be used as a media unit in the living room, serve as foyer storage, or become a bedside table. A sideboard is suitable for pretty much any room.

As far as style goes, a unit with a warm wood finish is probably the most versatile and long-lasting choice. It’ll hold up well as styles change over the decades. To increase flexibility, consider choosing a sideboard with slatted or vented doors, as it can then be used to hold media devices that need air flow to keep them cool or that require a signal from a remote control.

7. Pair of Side Chairs

Side chairs are the last must-have, as they’ll always find a place in your home. In the short term, a pair of matching side chairs might be used to finish off your living room suite. However, in the years to come they may head to the den, home office or dining room, or be separated and used in different rooms.

To ensure the most versatility, pick chairs in a neutral or muted tone like navy or gray. Also, choose a size that will fit at the head of the dining table (approximately 30 inches wide or less). Low arms or armless varieties work best so that they can be tucked under a desk or table if necessary in the future.

By investing in these long-lasting and flexible pieces early on, your future dream home is already taking shape, whether you know it or not.

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