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7 Rug Ideas for All Different Living Room Styles

7 Rug Ideas for All Different Living Room Styles

Whether your space is vibrant or features more subtle tones, an ideal area rug can seamlessly tie a room’s elements together.

The living room often serves as the heart of a home, so it should mirror your unique design preferences. Incorporating the right area rug can bring together even the most detailed room design. No matter your decorative preferences, there exists a living room rug to accommodate your style.

Ranging from understated to ornate, the right area rug can either merge with the surroundings or stand out as the center of attention in the room. Introducing a new rug is also a quick and convenient method to rejuvenate your living room. Simply determine the rug size that is optimal for your space, then select a color and design that enhances your existing decor. Here are seven top living room rug design ideas to get you started.

1. Neutral Color Palette

When designing with a neutral color scheme, incorporate a rug with texture, such as wool or jute, that coordinates with your design elements. This strategy is particularly effective in living rooms that feature dark furniture or accent walls. Introducing a rug of a lighter color will brighten the room and unite other neutral pieces throughout the space.

2. Modern Look

For a contemporary aesthetic, try introducing a fun patterned rug to bring a sense of movement to the room. For example, a striking chevron rug can be a counterbalance to solid design components and make a room seem bigger due to its pattern. When coupled with modern artwork and pristine white walls, the rug can energize a space.

3. Wall Color Match

An effective strategy to bring cohesiveness to your living room is coordinating your area rug with your wall color. In a living room dominated by tones of white and soft gray, for instance, a neutral rug that blends the wall colors with texture will help the space feel more unified. Rugs in lighter shades are also less intrusive, offering a serene, comfortable feel.

4. Window Treatment Match

Another simple and effective idea for a living room area rug is to coordinate it with your curtains. A matching rug can anchor your design features, particularly in a more compact space that has bold patterns. If your living room gives off a playful vibe — think vivid colors, eccentric patterns, and lots of contrast — then a rug that matches solid window coverings can mellow the overall appearance.

5. Comforting Plush Rug

In a living room with strong design elements, a soft area rug brings comfort and provides a welcome visual break. A shag or high-pile rug is not only pleasant to the touch, but also introduces contrast and texture. Shag rugs include any woven, tufted, or knotted rugs with a long, plush pile. Be aware, however, that these styles can pose more cleaning challenges than their low-pile counterparts and may shed rug fibers.

6. Accessory Match

If you’re unsure about the perfect rug for your space, a simple approach is to select a style that aligns with a single feature of your decor. Pick an item such as a chair, pillow, or piece of wall art, and find a rug that echoes its colors, textures, or patterns. For instance, consider a patterned black-and-white chair with matching pillows. You’d just pick out a rug that harmonizes with those colors. Coordinating your rug with one or two standout pieces brings unity, which allows other aspects of the room to shine.

7. Layer Rugs for Texture

Looking to infuse your space with texture? Try incorporating multiple area rugs into your living room. This tactic, akin to layering pillows or blankets on a sofa, brings a homier and welcoming feel to a living room. Opt for rugs that share a similar color or style to create a consistent look across the space, but keep in mind that there’s no need for them to be identical in size. In fact, since they’ll be placed in an overlapping manner, a range of sizes adds more visual interest.

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