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7 Smart Ideas to Maximize Storage in Your Bathroom Sink Cabinets

7 Smart Ideas to Maximize Storage in Your Bathroom Sink Cabinets

Use these clever ideas to set up your bathroom sink cabinetry based on your available space. Organized and stylish, your bathroom vanity just might become the best part of your bathroom.

1. Bathroom Sink Cabinet Alternatives

By cutting a hole in the top for a sink and applying a few coats of polyurethane for waterproofing, furnishings like dressers and buffet cabinets can easily be transformed into bathroom vanities. The dresser drawers provide larger and more convenient storage space compared to the cabinets in a standard vanity. To make up for any dresser space lost to plumbing, simply put up a narrow shelf in between the vanity and medicine cabinet.

2. Compensate for Lack of Under-Sink Storage

Small bathrooms benefit greatly from open vanities and pedestal sinks due to their visual lightness. The problem? Their lack of under-sink storage. A good way to compensate is to incorporate storage towers on either side of the sink. This is especially helpful for households with multiple family members making use of the same space, as a shelf or drawer designated for each person’s belongings keeps things orderly. Choosing open shelving units will help support the light and airy aesthetic of the pedestal sink.

3. Make Up for a Narrow Cabinet

For bathrooms with very limited space around the sink, consider installing a shelving unit with custom inserts. This will help maximize the narrow space so that you have a spot for your bathroom necessities. Employ stylish drawers and baskets to corral loose items. Bonus: The top shelf of a short unit can serve as extra counter space.

4. Supplementary Storage Solutions

Incorporate additional storage options beyond the bathroom sink cabinets. For example, a hutch makes use of vertical space so that storage goes all the way to the ceiling. They’re also a great solution for narrow spots, like between a sink and a wall or bathtub. Be sure to get measurements before going out shopping.

Another supplemental storage option is to complement your one-sink vanity cabinet with a small table. A pedestal table, for instance, offers two times the storage — the top can hold bath essentials while the bottom shelf stores washcloths and hand towels.

A recessed medicine cabinet also makes a great additional storage solution. It’s especially well suited for bathrooms with narrow space around the sink cabinet. Take the idea even further by recessing additional shelves between the wall studs around the sink.

5. Incorporate Tall Storage Cabinet Between Sinks

For a bathroom with multiple sinks, this storage idea will take your organization to a whole new level. Simply put the space between the sinks to work by placing a cabinet on the countertop. Resist the temptation to use a wide cabinet — you don’t want to use up all of your counter space. Consider adding a drawer to the cabinet design for holding small items like jewelry or hair accessories.

6. Customized Sink Cabinet Storage

When incorporating additional storage cabinet space into your bathroom, find one that mixes drawers and cabinets for maximum versatility. By flanking your vanity with matching units, you can give two people their own personal area to store bathroom necessities. Small drawers on each side of the sink are great for corralling smaller items, while larger cabinets are ideal for bottles and awkward containers. Centrally located drawers can hold universal items used by everyone. As mentioned earlier, open shelving helps lighten visual weight.

7. Mix Open and Closed Storage

Combining open and closed storage in your bathroom cabinet provides flexibility. For example, open shelves underneath the countertop will ensure clean towels are seen and easily accessible to users. Conversely, a closed cabinet will conceal sensitive or unsightly bathroom items that you prefer to keep hidden.

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