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7 Things to Avoid Storing in Your Closet

7 Things to Avoid Storing in Your Closet

Let’s face it: there’s only so much space in your closet, and keeping unneeded stuff will only lead to disarray.

Many aspire to have a perfectly organized closet in their bedroom. To achieve this dream, it’s essential to get rid of those old boxes filled with old photos, the bridesmaid dresses you’d rather forget, and the pile of clothes you meant to send back.

Below are seven items you should reconsider storing in your closet.

Ill-Fitting Clothes

Many of us cling to clothes that don’t fit, hoping that someday they might. It’s a common tendency, but perhaps it’s time to rethink those snug jeans.

Truth be told, by the time those clothes fit, they’ll probably be out of fashion. Consider selling them to make room for current pieces. If you’re sentimentally attached, tuck them in a container and store them out of sight.

Nostalgic Items That Can Be On Display

Stashing that cherished love letter from your significant other in a forgotten box isn’t doing it justice. Why not frame it so you can appreciate it daily, even on days when their unwashed dishes in the sink rub you the wrong way? This holds true for your grandparents’ wedding picture or your child’s adorable stick figure artwork.

Treasured keepsakes shouldn’t be hidden away. Showcase them in your living space to relive those memories.


Sparkling heels, flashy wigs, and jackets with fringe — exciting, right? But if these festive items are only worn once a year, they shouldn’t occupy prime real estate in your main wardrobe. Group these occasional pieces in a container labeled “costumes” and store it alongside your seasonal decorations.

Your Everyday Shoes

It’s not practical to trek through the entire house for a simple pair of shoes each time you step out, nor is it efficient to allocate valuable closet space for frequently worn footwear.

During warmer months, make your departures swift by placing a favorite pair of sandals or casual shoes in a tray or basket by your main exit. Then, as the weather turns cooler, swap those for boots and a jacket. Just remember: stick to one or two items to avoid overcrowding your entrance.

Gift Cards and Money

Despite what your frugal grandmother might suggest, closets aren’t the best spots for money or gift cards. While stumbling upon hidden cash can be a delightful find, discovering outdated gift cards is just disheartening. How often while tidying up have you uncovered forgotten coins, cash, or gift cards? The truth is, tucking them into a closet drawer makes them easy to forget.

Pieces That Must Be Returned

If that dress that doesn’t quite fit is lost in your closet’s depths, how will you remember to take it back within the stipulated 30 days? Avoid storing items you intend to return among your regular clothing.

Tip: Keep the bag with the unwanted item in your vehicle; it’ll serve as a prompt to ensure you don’t overlook the return deadline.

Holiday Clothing

Those cute candy-striped pajamas might be fun, but they’re taking up valuable closet space. When room is at a premium, consider relocating items like festive pajamas and glowing reindeer sweaters.

If you already have a bin designated for holiday attire, pop them in there. If not, start one and store it alongside your other storage containers.

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