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7 Ways to Use Texture for a More Welcoming Room

7 Ways to Use Texture for a More Welcoming Room

Enhance every room with a sense of warmth, richness, and intrigue by exploring these seven approaches for using texture.

Have you ever entered a room and felt instantly attracted to a specific spot, like a comfy corner or a captivating display on a fireplace mantel? Sometimes it’s hard to identify why a certain area or collection of items is so appealing. But often, the secret lies in the texture.

Texture, a more understated element than color, shape, or pattern, appeals to both our sense of sight and touch. Textured items can evoke a sensory experience even without physical contact. For instance, just the sight of a thick, knitted blanket on a couch can convey its softness and coziness.

Here are seven ways to utilize texture in your home for more coziness, depth, and visual interest.

1. Embrace Layers

Elevate the interest of neutral bedrooms with loads of quilted bedspreads, assorted pillows, and knitted blankets. Including a mix of textures only adds to the appeal. This approach not only offers added warmth with easily accessible blankets, but also contributes to a cozier, more welcoming bed. To further increase the sense of softness, incorporate sheer drapes and a soft rug or carpeting near the bed.

2. Use Textural Objects for Art

Enhance the appeal of common items with unique textures — such as vintage agricultural tools, handcrafted baskets, or old metal pails — by showcasing them in creative ways. Use plain backgrounds to highlight the textural details of larger pieces through contrast. When it comes to smaller objects, like bottles or baskets, display them in groups or collections for a more striking effect.

3. Try Textured Wallpaper

Incorporating textured wallpaper is an excellent method to bring a luxurious feel to a room without it appearing excessive. Select the wallpaper texture carefully, considering the desired ambiance for the space. Wallpapers with satin finishes provide a sleek texture that reflects light, lending a lavish, baroque-inspired touch, while matte and embossed wallpapers can evoke the sophisticated atmosphere of an elegant library.

4. Add Velvet Upholstery

Make a bold textural impact with a plush sofa or a cozy chair covered in rich, velvety fabric that’s soft to the touch. To balance the luxurious appearance of velvet, opt for a minimalist approach with other furniture and decor in the room, focusing on designs that are sleek, angular, and modern.

5. Incorporate Nature

Incorporating natural elements as decorative accents in your home can create a relaxed atmosphere and add a sense of warmth to contemporary settings. For example, a metal rack for firewood can be mounted on the wall, turning the logs with their peeling bark and coarse texture into a form of sculptural art.

To further enhance texture using natural materials, consider placing chunky pine cones in a shallow dish or arranging sleek river stones in a line along the fireplace mantel.

6. Lay Down a Sheepskin

It’s true that their popularity has surged lately, but incorporating a sheepskin (or its synthetic equivalent) remains a simple method to enhance the coziness of any space. With their ultra-soft feel and excessive fluffiness, sheepskins are extremely effective at transforming hard floors and rigid furniture into things that appear cozy and welcoming.

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