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8 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades That Go Easy on the Bank Account

8 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades That Go Easy on the Bank Account

Transform your bathroom in just a weekend using these budget-friendly renovation ideas.

With a few easy and inexpensive decorative changes, you can enhance both the style and functionality of your bathroom without the need for a complete overhaul.

1. Wonderful Wallpaper

Revitalize a powder room by incorporating vibrant floral wallpaper, infusing it with a fresh, invigorating ambiance. This budget-friendly approach allows you to achieve an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic without a big investment. Save even more by using a removable peel-and-stick wallpaper. Complete the luxe transformation by incorporating gold hardware, fixtures, and accessories.

2. Tiled Sink Backsplash

Transforming a humdrum small bathroom into a striking space is a breeze when you add a chevron tile statement wall as a focal point. Elevate the impact by introducing lively patterned tiles to the floor. Need a more budget-friendly option? Consider using 3×6-inch subway tiles as a cost-effective alternative. Install them in a classic running bond pattern or tap into your creativity by crafting a unique herringbone design.

3. Colorful Accessories

It’s totally possible to give your bathroom a fresh makeover without picking up a hammer. For example, revitalize your space in a single day by focusing on just the soft surfaces. Brighten a neutral bathroom with new window treatments, rugs, towels, and a shower curtain. If you’re feeling artsy, consider backing a storage unit with vibrant adhesive paper and wrapping storage bins with wide ribbons to introduce an extra splash of color.

4. Two-Tone Wall Treatment

Bypass traditional tiles and instead opt for an affordable paint-based wall treatment. Create a two-tone look by measuring and marking the desired height of your paint line using a pencil. Ensure straightness by using a level and apply painter’s tape accordingly. Finally, paint the lower portion of the wall in your chosen color, bringing the desired design to life.

5. Luxe Light Fixtures

Add a touch of excitement to your bathroom by replacing an outdated light fixture with a fresh alternative. Opting for a light fixture adorned with glass accents, for instance, can introduce a captivating sparkle to the space. Want a more romantic aesthetic? Hang a chandelier.

6. Refresh Cabinets With Paint

For a quick and easy bathroom update, consider painting or refinishing your cabinet doors. For example, bring a playful focal point to an otherwise neutral bathroom with a vibrant green vanity. Pair it with other colorful accessories for a harmonious look. Additionally, you can opt for cost-effective enhancements like installing a new toilet seat, towel bars and toilet paper holder. Get a more unified look by replacing shower controls and other hardware.

7. Add Beadboard for Texture

Enhance the visual appeal of a simple bathroom by adding beadboard. Go for panels rather than individual boards as they allow for a faster and more cost-effective installation. The panels closely resemble authentic beadboard and are conveniently available in lightweight 4×8-foot sheets. Alternatively, introducing shiplap to the bathroom walls can evoke a charming farmhouse ambiance. Ceramic tiles also serve as an excellent option to inject interest into the space.

8. Vanity Countertop Replacement

If your vanity holds a special place in your heart but its surface appears worn out, think about replacing the countertop. For inexpensive options, look into preformed laminate or explore the cost of remnant granite slabs, which can offer a luxurious bathroom update at a lower cost. While replacing the countertop, take advantage of the opportunity to update the faucet as well.

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