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8 Compact Deck Ideas for Small Yards

8 Compact Deck Ideas for Small Yards

Is your outdoor space limited? Don’t let that hold you back. These small deck ideas demonstrate that bigger is not necessarily better.

Creative Privacy Solutions

Privacy concerns tend to be greater with smaller decks and yards, which means you might have to get creative. One option to consider is making use of existing shrubs and trees. Not only can they make great privacy screens, but they also provide shade and ambiance. A shade tree on the west side of your patio or deck is optimal, as it will give protection from the harsh afternoon sun.

Everything in Moderation

The proportions of your home and yard are important factors to consider when building a deck, in addition to how much you will actually use the outdoor space. If huge gatherings aren’t your style or you lack the space to have them, then consider going with a small deck that gives you the chance to get outside and enjoy the elements.

Your deck design should be in scale with your home. It’s especially important for small outdoor spaces to have visual harmony, as you don’t want to overwhelm the space that you do have.

Charming Deck Space

Turn whatever limited outdoor space you may have into an area you’ll truly enjoy by customizing it with some personal touches. For example, if it’s just you and your significant other who will primarily use the space, put together a simple seating area that makes conversation and outdoor meals easy. Hang some potted plants and lights for ambiance, and then dedicate any leftover space for a favorite outdoor activity, such as a fire pit or a bocce ball court.

Think Purpose

Get to the heart of what your outdoor space will be used for and then work to optimize that vision. For example, if your deck is meant for relaxation and morning meals, consider integrating it with the kitchen and incorporating a soothing water feature. If room allows, a raised garden of culinary herbs is a nice touch.

Use Strategic Color

Add some unexpected color to the underside of your veranda to inject a little life into a basic porch or deck. If your outdoor space is close to a swimming pool, consider going with a tropical hue to complement the water and visually bring the two outdoor features together.

Tiered Deck

Add dimension to your outdoor space with a tiered wooden deck. The different levels not only add visual interest, but are a great way to divide the space by purpose — one level for lounging, another for preparing food. The tiers also create the illusion of a larger space, as guests move about from level to level.

Bring in the Plants

Having a small yard and deck doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the beautiful experience of a garden. In fact, by choosing low-maintenance potted plants that require little water, you can take advantage of cost effectiveness as well as the color, textures and movement that plants provide. Succulents, color-rich flowers, variegated plants, and evergreen vines are all good picks.

Cohesive Design is Key

Comfy outdoor furniture adorned with throws, pillows and accents in a consistent color scheme make for small deck perfection. Arrange the furniture around a fire pit or to facilitate conversation, and a good time will surely be had by all.

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