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8 Cost-Free Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space

8 Cost-Free Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space

Summer is the time to splurge on open-air meals and memorable trips to the beach, but one thing you won’t have to shell out a fortune for is refreshing your home’s outdoor living areas.

You can easily improve your outdoor spaces with minor enhancements like draping an repurposed cloth over a table to instantly spruce up your outdoor dining. These eight strategies can transform any outdoor area, be it a compact patio or a sprawling garden, into a haven ready for the sunny season.

1. Give Outdoor Furniture a Coat of Paint

Instead of discarding weathered wooden furniture, consider revamping it and getting some extra life out of it. Look for leftover paint in your garage or storage shed, grab a paintbrush, and get creative. It doesn’t matter if it’s classic adirondack chairs or a wicker set, a coat of paint in an exciting color can rejuvenate your outdoor space and make it feel like new.

2. Get Creative With Linens

If your outdoor table has seen better days, you can cleverly disguise it with any type of fabric. Anything from an old sarong to repurposed linen curtains can serve as a unique tablecloth. And if you have a patio or balcony that’s too close for comfort with your neighbors, consider using old drapes or shower curtains as a visual barrier. They can effectively shield against unwelcome attention. You can even staple recycled curtains onto your balcony railings.

3. Upcycle Pots and Planters

Before you rush to buy new plant pots, consider repurposing items you already have at home. For instance, you could place a simple plastic pot inside a basket or flip a pot upside down to use as a riser when displaying multiple pots together.

4. Use the Natural Materials Around You

Consider keeping all the materials you find or dig up, like river stones, for future landscaping endeavors. Adopting this eco-friendly method of using what’s readily available ensures not only that the resources are cost-free, but also that they seamlessly integrate with your current landscape, promoting a unified, natural look. And it’s not just naturally occurring elements — items like dislodged roof slates can also be put to good use.

5. Grow Plants From Cuttings

Consider acquiring your plants at zero cost by growing them from cuttings. Simply collect soft plant clippings, including leaves, place them in water, and patiently wait for the roots to emerge. Regularly refresh and refill the water, as this procedure can span several weeks or even months. Once the roots are significantly developed, you’re ready to plant.

For added variety, try organizing a plant exchange with your friends. Each of you can cultivate a different plant and then trade the new plants next season.

6. Arrange a Special Hideaway

Set up a cozy outdoor dining spot in a neglected area of your garden or arrange a serene relaxation space right outside your bedroom door. The best part about this idea? It’s easy. Simply rearrange or relocate your existing patio furniture to a different area, hang festive outdoor lights above, incorporate a few pots from other parts of your yard, and you’ll have yourself a fresh, new retreat.

7. Prune and Remove

Often, the simplest method to rejuvenate an area is through elimination rather than accumulation. Excessive foliage can make your garden seem confined. Contemplate drastically trimming or completely removing overgrown shrubs to instill a breezier, more spacious feel to your outdoor space. Bonus: Having more open space can sometimes stimulate creative ideas!

8. Divide Existing Perennials

Maximize the plants you currently own to fill out your garden spaces. It’s a worthwhile effort to separate clustered perennials and replant them in different areas. Similarly, you can relocate seedlings that may have sprouted in gravelly or sandy areas, where they can be easily uprooted.

Since these plants have already proven their ability to flourish in your garden, you can be assured they’ll do well. You can also divide plants that have been potted, and integrate them into your garden borders.

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