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8 Decorating Tips for Compact Guest Bedrooms

8 Decorating Tips for Compact Guest Bedrooms

Welcome guests warmly into your home, even if it’s a small one, by making the most of these strategies for compact guest bedrooms.

Extending hospitality to visitors, be they close friends or relatives, demonstrates your thoughtfulness. Having an extra bedroom for their use is a bonus, and you can enhance their stay by tailoring the room to suit them. Don’t worry about the size of the room; with clever space-saving measures and creative design techniques, you can maximize its potential. Consider these suggestions to craft an inviting and smart small guest bedroom for your guests.

1. Incorporate a Desk

If you frequently host a family member that is work-minded, consider adding a desk to keep them connected to their work. Instead of a traditional nightstand, opt for a slim desk adjacent to the bed, enabling them to work comfortably on their tasks. Equip the desk with a comfy chair, adequate lighting, and essential office items like pens and notepads. This setup allows them a cozy bed to retreat to after completing their day’s work.

2. Add a Small Sitting Area

Create a chic hotel ambiance for your guests by incorporating a few plush armchairs and a compact side table. Choose furniture of a smaller size to prevent cluttering a limited area. This arrangement offers your guests a relaxation spot separate from the bed, but still within the seclusion of their room. It’s a perfect setting for them to enjoy reading, savor a cup of coffee, or simply put on their shoes.

3. Choose Low-Profile Furniture

In a small guest bedroom with low ceilings, such as one in a loft or converted attic, you can give the impression of more space by selecting low-profile furniture. This includes items like dressers, the bed frame, and bedside tables, which helps the room seem like it has more vertical space. Choose a predominantly neutral color scheme, adding just a handful of colorful accents; this monochromatic approach can also make the space feel larger. Maintain a clean, uncluttered look with minimal wall decorations.

4. Make It Versatile

In cases where your guest bedroom doubles as a home office or reading area, ensure that the furniture serves dual purposes. For example, opt for a sleeper sofa if there’s enough room to extend it into a full-size bed. Alternatively, a daybed can provide a cozy sleeping area for a single guest. Incorporate small coffee tables or an ottoman as makeshift nightstands when necessary. A loft bed with a desk below is a smart solution, offering a workspace without compromising on guest accommodation.

5. Use the Headboard for Height

Installing a high headboard in a small guest bedroom can create the illusion of a larger room by drawing attention upwards. Positioning two single beds on either side of a window can also make the space feel more open compared to using a bigger queen or king-size bed. For an added touch, lengthen the headboards by attaching tapestries. If you enjoy DIY projects, there are numerous creative headboard ideas to explore.

6. Load Up On Linens

Providing a selection of throw blankets adds a touch of luxury and comfort. This is particularly considerate for couples with varying body temperatures, allowing them to choose from different bed coverings. Ensure a heavier blanket is available at the foot of the bed, and arrange an extra one or two, neatly folded, on a bench or ottoman nearby for easy access.

7. Keep Things Simple

Adopting a “less is more” approach as far as design goes can be very effective. If your home generally reflects a minimalist style, continue this theme in your guest room. This consistency not only unifies your home’s aesthetic but can also give a small guest bedroom a more spacious feel. A combination of white ceilings and walls, sleek metal bed frames, breezy curtains, and soft bed linens can cultivate a peaceful atmosphere. Incorporate just a few decorative pieces and color accents throughout the space to maintain an airy, open ambiance.

8. Include Extras

To offer your guests a delightful stay, consider adding some thoughtful amenities. Assemble a selection of snacks like nuts, chocolate, or granola bars in a charming basket. Nearby, set a pitcher of fresh water with glasses on a tray. Include some small conveniences like a crossword puzzle, ear plugs, and a universal phone charger. These minor additions take up little space in a compact guest bedroom and go a long way in making your guests feel at home.

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