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8 Facets of a Motivating Home Gym

8 Facets of a Motivating Home Gym

Many of us aspire to work out regularly, but never seem to stay motivated. Whether your workout space is large or small, simple or complex, use these elements to bring inspiration.

1. Mirrors

In addition to enhancing light in a room lacking windows, mirrors make it easy to ensure proper form when practicing dance, lifting weights or doing yoga. A wall of mirrors makes a grand statement.

2. Nonslip Flooring

Installing proper flooring in your home gym is a great way to avert workout injuries, as well as provide a comfortable and handsome surface to make the space more alluring. It’s true that hardwood floors fit the bill, but for a more pliable area to perform certain workouts like floor exercises, consider using a non-slip option like carpet or foam tiles.

3. Orderly Gear Storage

Take that messy pileup of weights and workout gear and organize it by incorporating sturdy shelving in your workout room. To corral smaller items, find some strong baskets or containers.

4. Television or Tablet

Having a TV in your home gym is useful for those who exercise with instructional videos or those who need a little distraction while doing a cardio workout. If your workout space is too compact to fit a full-size television, consider a tablet on a stand for the same result.

5. Sound System

If television isn’t your thing, try incorporating some music with a small stereo system that is compatible with your phone or MP3 player. Boost the motivation factor by creating playlists ahead of time to coordinate with the pace of your workouts.

6. Inspirational Artwork

Adorn your home gym with wall art that you love. You’re going to perform better when surrounded by images that speak to you. For example, consider an extra large photograph as an eye-catching focal point — as big as it can get. Low on funds? Simply blow up a personal vacation photo to poster size and mount it in a budget-friendly frame.

7. Low-Profile Table

Working a low table into your workout room decor makes a nice surface for stashing your water bottle or phone and keeping them within easy reach. For those that meditate, use it to hold a candle, chime or inspirational picture.

8. Post-Workout Comforts

Include all the things that will ease your workout experience: a bench or seat for resting at the end of a workout, a comfy throw blanket (particularly in a cold room), infused water that revitalizes, fresh towels (rolled and neatly arranged on a shelf or in a basket). This list of comforts will be different for everyone, so take time to think about what works best for you.

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