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8 Fun Interior Design Ideas to Try This Summer

8 Fun Interior Design Ideas to Try This Summer

Effortlessly spruce up your home using these fun decorating concepts. Experiment with a couple or implement all of them! Your upcoming weekend task eagerly awaits.

1. Blend Materials & Textures to Maximize Comfort

Create a space that invites warmth and comfort by blending different materials. Here’s a tip: You’re not restricted to just one! A combination of cuddle-inducing fabrics such as velvet, faux-fur, and linen pillows can transform your bed into a cozy retreat. Leaving out these tactile elements can make a room feel unwelcoming and impersonal.

2. Convert Extra Fabric Into Artwork

Don’t feel like you have to discard leftover fabric. Instead, think about repurposing it into artwork or crafting pillows, table covers, curtains, or attractive decorative pieces.

For instance, try your hand at this easy do-it-yourself project: staple fabric to a 30-inch-square stretched canvas. Then position it as the centerpiece of a display featuring artwork, vases, and boxes on your fireplace shelf. Limit your color choices to ensure a harmonious final result.

3. Update Hanging Light With Basket Shade

Tired of the same old kitchen light fixture? Swap it out for a lightweight basket. Alternatively, hire an electrician to install a pendant light and use a basket as a unique shade. Unleash your creativity! You can incorporate commonplace items for decoration as well. For instance, transform a vibrant scarf into café curtains by cutting, hemming and hanging it from clip-on rings and tension rods. Or place aromatic herbs in a collection of mugs for a charming countertop arrangement.

4. Paint Ombré Stripes on a Wall

Stripes of varying shades, spanning from faint to bold, infuse any room with captivating vitality. Moreover, painting these stripes is an easy task, even when tackling a bathroom. As for choosing five harmonious colors? No problem; simply opt for shades from the same paint strip.

5. Swap Out Chairs for a Bench

Enhance the warmth of your dining room by incorporating a bench into its layout in place of a couple dining chairs. Whether the space serves as a spot for memorable dinner gatherings or lively craft parties for children, the addition of a bench can be transformative. It not only helps accommodate more guests but also revitalizes the overall appearance of your dining area.

6. Add a Theme to Your Bar Cart

Planning a game night with friends? Elevate the atmosphere by arranging a vintage-style bar cart adorned with delectable snacks and bottled sodas, while keeping board games neatly stored underneath. Enhance the aesthetic by adorning the wall above the cart with vintage-inspired prints or old game boards.

Brainstorm fun themes for other occasions—the creative possibilities are endless!

7. Layer Your Rugs

Rather than splurging on a room-sized rug with a pattern, you can opt for a more budget-friendly approach. Try layering a smaller, vibrant rug over a larger rug in a solid color. For instance, placing a multi-colored patterned rug on top of a spacious gray rug creates a striking visual effect. And rest assured, this arrangement maintains the same level of coziness.

8. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

The essence of decorating lies in making the most of your space. Incorporate floral wallpaper, paint your bathroom a bold hue, embrace your creativity! Don’t hesitate to personalize your space according to what feels perfect for you.

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