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8 Office Storage Tips for Under Your Desk

8 Office Storage Tips for Under Your Desk

Ensure a neat desktop environment by utilizing the space below to stash your supplies.

Maintaining an organized office is essential whether you work remotely, follow a hybrid schedule, or simply require a dedicated area at home for managing bills. This is particularly important for individuals who lack a designated home office and instead set up their workspace in a bedroom or create a cozy office in their closet. In compact areas, every inch counts, so making the most of the available space is a wise approach to prevent clutter.

While desktop organizers and floating shelves can assist in sorting office supplies, there is another frequently overlooked space that you should consider. Regardless of the type of desk you have, there are many ways to make use of the storage space below it. Explore the following ideas for under-desk storage to effectively organize your work materials and keep them out of sight.

1. Under-Shelf Basket

An under-shelf basket, typically used for organizing kitchen cabinets, can be conveniently slid onto the desk table to horizontally accommodate things like notebooks and a planner. Unlike an under-desk tray, these baskets do not feature individual compartments, so refrain from placing small items in them as it may be challenging to keep them under control.

2. Hanging Cubby

To maximize storage capacity, you can explore the option of an open cubby, which serves a similar purpose to an under-shelf basket. These cubbies slide onto the front of the desk and often feature a padded top surface, perfect for placing your phone or pen. Vertically align books and binders within the cubby, or if you’re going into the office, you can stash your purse and lunch bag into it.

3. Small File Cabinet or Bench

Hopefully you’ve embraced a paperless approach in your office as much as possible, as physical papers tend to accumulate faster than we can manage. That being said, certain documents may still require you to keep them, even if it’s temporary. To address this, consider acquiring a compact cabinet or wheeled bench that can be conveniently rolled and tucked under the desk. This solution allows you to organize your files and prevents them from cluttering up the desktop.

4. Sliding Organizer Tray

In case your desk lacks built-in drawers or features a flat space beneath the surface, you can opt for an organizing tray that easily slides in and out as required. These trays are specifically designed for desks and are available in various styles and finishes. While some may require drilling into the bottom of the desk, others can simply stick to it. These trays are typically shallow, making them suitable for storing small supplies that you wish to keep within reach, such as extra pens, highlighters, and sticky pads.

5. Rolling Cart

This suggestion may only apply to taller spaces, like standing desks. Consider placing a tiered cart filled with office supplies underneath your desk for convenient access. Utilize organizers like bins or caddies on the shelves to keep your items well-sorted. This approach is particularly beneficial for desks that lack built-in drawers.

6. Movable Drawer Unit

Another option is to incorporate a mobile metal drawer unit beneath a raised desk. Unlike the need to pull out an entire cart whenever an item is needed, you can conveniently open the specific drawer. As always, ensure your work items are organized by category and attach labels to each drawer for easy identification.

7. Printer Stand

If you have available space beneath your desk that is not frequently used, consider storing a printer stand there. Not only can it accommodate the printer itself, but many models are also designed to provide storage for supplies like extra paper and ink cartridges. This approach keeps the printer off your desk and frees up space.

8. Storage Footstool

Maintaining proper posture is crucial, particularly when spending most of your day seated at a desk. One way to improve alignment and comfort is by elevating your feet. Look for a footstool that matches your height and offers storage space within. Even if it only accommodates a folded blanket for those chilly office moments, it serves as a functional solution to keep clutter under control.

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