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8 Seasonal Decorating Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

8 Seasonal Decorating Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Revamp your space with these eight simple autumn decor inspirations.

Offering advice for every corner of your home, from inside to out, this collection of fall decoration ideas offers a range of options to match your taste. We can smell the scent of apple cider and pumpkin spice already!

1. Try Unexpected Colors

While traditional fall colors like gold, red, and orange are great options, they can be predictable. Consider incorporating purple and pink blossoms with your pumpkins and gourds for a refreshing twist. Adding some persimmons and decorative cabbage ensures the theme remains distinctly autumnal.

2. Go Natural

For a Thanksgiving feast or a casual weekend meal with pals, craft a beautiful autumn table effortlessly with this strategy. Blend vintage with contemporary, incorporate varying textures, introduce elements from nature, and sprinkle in shades of blue for a fresh perspective. The highlight? Many of these autumn decor elements can be sourced right from your yard.

3. Spread the Fall Spirit

Design several displays for a complete fall home vibe, extending the season’s touch from the fireplace mantel to the coffee table. Swap out your current pillows and blankets for those in autumn shades, and you’re set for the season!

4. Incorporate Autumn Patterns

Dress your table for fall by blending a range of seasonal designs. First, lay a plaid flannel tablecloth over your table. Then, adorn it with autumn produce like apples, pumpkins, and miniature gourds, complemented by seasonal flowers. Use accessories in warm and neutral shades like brown, red, orange, and yellow to enhance the fall ambiance.

5. Forgo the Flowers

For your next dinner gathering, opt for tree elements over flowers. Adorn table settings with small leaf bundles secured with ribbons. Alternatively, place some leafy twigs in a vase for a chic focal point. More robust than flowers yet equally festive, these branches can remain fresh in water for days. Choose leaves that have changed color but remain supple.

6. Personalize Your Pumpkins

Carved jack-o’-lantern faces aren’t your only choice for pumpkin decorations during the fall season. Consider experimenting with various ways of decorating pumpkins that align with your aesthetic. For example, opt for intricate carvings for a sophisticated appearance, or use paint to create patterns or motifs for an eye-catching effect. For added variety, use pumpkins of different sizes and colors, including orange, white and green.

7. Contrasting Colors for the Win

Maximize the effect of your autumn decorating with color contrasts. For instance, look for a vase whose color complements your plant leaves, enhancing their prominence and aesthetic appeal. Choose cooler tones such as blues, purples, and greens to harmonize with the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall foliage.

8. Decorate Your Outdoor Spaces

Why limit the festive seasonal vibes to just the indoors? Bring a big dose of fall to your entryway by adding the same elements you’d use within your home. Use baskets and containers as convenient plant holders or as platforms for showcasing stacked ‘Cinderella’ pumpkins.

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