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8 Smart Ideas for Adding Floating Shelves to Any Room

8 Smart Ideas for Adding Floating Shelves to Any Room

Enhance your space by displaying your cherished items on floating shelves. Here are some ideas to get you started.

For those lacking storage options, floating shelves offer a unique alternative to traditional wall art. They are simple to set up in various spaces like the kitchen, living room, or office, and also offer enough room to store your daily necessities and showcase decorative pieces.

Take these ideas as a source of inspiration for effortlessly blending storage and beauty into different areas of your home.

1. Kitchen Nook Solution

Help the narrow gap between a cabinet and the wall reach its fullest potential by installing a series of subtle floating shelves to display your favorite cookbooks, storage containers, or other decorative items. Floating shelves not only add interest to a kitchen corner but also work to keep the countertops uncluttered.

2. Bonus Pantry Shelves

Similarly, you can transform an awkward spot in a pantry or prep kitchen into a useful space by introducing custom floating shelves. Use them to hold extra glassware and food storage containers filled with neatly decanted pantry items so that they’re within easy reach whenever you need them.

3. Bathroom Alternative

Many bathrooms don’t have enough room for freestanding shelving units or other large storage pieces. Floating shelves offer a clever solution, increasing storage capacity without taking up valuable floor space. Use these shelves for everything from everyday essentials like cosmetic brushes and towels to artwork and other ornamental accessories. Popular spots for floating shelves in the bathroom? Any unused wall space above the toilet or close to the vanity.

4. Long Living Room Shelves

Jazz up a simple white wall in your living room or den by installing a series of long floating wood shelves. And don’t just fill them with books — these shelves are also perfect for displaying family photographs and special or sentimental items.

5. Boutique-Like Closet Shelving

Create a boutique-like feel in your own closet by carefully mounting acrylic floating shelves on a wall and artfully organizing your handbags, incorporating risers when necessary. Doing so not only offers an elegant display each time you enter the room, but also helps keep your purses in excellent condition.

6. Laundry Room Storage

Working storage solutions into a compact laundry room can be challenging. Often, it’s necessary to customize the storage space yourself. Luckily, an easy strategy for additional laundry room storage is to install floating shelves. For example, you might add a couple of shelves above the washing machine and dryer to keep supplies. Then, a wider shelf placed right above the appliances offers a convenient spot to fold freshly laundered clothes and linens.

7. Craft Room or Office Storage

Introduce a desk and a comfortable chair, and voila! You’ve got yourself a basic office setup. Incorporate floating shelves? You’ve just enhanced its functionality significantly. Simply position the shelves above your workspace for easy access to essentials or to display books, artwork, and items that spark your creativity. For added efficiency, use baskets and organizers on the shelves to neatly store office supplies and documents.

Similarly, craft enthusiasts often struggle with finding adequate storage for their supplies as well. Solve this by installing a couple of lengthy floating shelves above a desk or table in your crafting area. Organize your materials with matching baskets and transparent jars, making everything easily visible and within reach.

8. Bedroom Nightstand Option

Floating shelves in bedrooms provide a convenient way to keep essentials within reach, which also curbs clutter from accumulating on other surfaces, such as nightstands and dressers. The shelves are especially useful in compact bedrooms with limited storage options. For a neat, clean appearance in a cramped spot, consider installing these floating shelves as an alternative to a conventional nightstand.

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