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8 Space-Saving Luxury Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

8 Space-Saving Luxury Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Make the most of your small bathroom shower with these creative design ideas that will put a little luxe into a tight space.

Sometimes fitting a comfortable shower into a small bathroom can be quite a challenge. For the most part, a shower should measure 36 inches square. However, if your space is especially limited, 30 inches square is the absolute smallest a shower can be.

Unsure how small your shower should be? Try stepping into a few showers at your local home improvement store to see what they feel like. Are you able to move around comfortably? Is there enough room to store shower necessities, like soap and shampoo? Once you decide how small you can go, consider these small shower ideas.

1. Small Shower Design

Because of their scale, small showers provide a great opportunity to make a statement. Consider using bold colors or an unusual tile configuration to create a striking focal point. The best part is that splurging in this limited capacity won’t take you over budget. To conserve space, try going with a shower curtain rather than solid doors. Choose a curtain in a fun fabric that will bring color and pattern to your overall bathroom design.

2. Small Shower Layout

If your small bathroom features an irregular layout, it might be tricky trying to fit in a shower. That means you’re going to have to get creative! One option to consider is building the shower back into a wall. This is an excellent way to maximize floor space. If your shower is close to the sink, try adding a partial wall with a clear glass top to separate the two. While this creates the visual division wanted, it will allow in light through the upper glass panel of the shower. Lastly, to brighten up the room, install an overhead fixture inside the shower.

3. Corner Shower

A popular type of corner shower for small bathrooms, because of its easy accessibility, is the neo-angle. This shower features an entry door in the middle of a clipped corner. When tucked into a corner of a tiny bathroom, the angled door can easily be entered from the middle of the room. Keep in mind, basic bathroom design standards recommend at least 2 feet of clearance in front of a shower door.

4. Glass Shower

A shower with a glass enclosure (rather than opaque walls) makes any shower feel more open. It also allows more light and creates the illusion of more space since you are able to see through to the interior walls. For a sleek, seamless look, consider choosing a frameless enclosure. This option also cuts down on cleaning since there are fewer spots for grime to collect.

5. Niche Storage

Instead of incorporating a corner shelf or storage tower into your small shower, which eats up much needed space, consider turning the cavity between studs into a storage niche instead. To line the niche, use waterproof materials that coordinate with the shower walls, such as ceramic tiles. Molded prefab shower niches are another option to look into for adding recessed storage.

6. Tub and Shower Combo

When a bathtub is a necessity but a separate tub and shower are simply out of the question due to space, consider installing a tub-shower combination. There are molded models available in one piece or multiple sections, or you can build your own combo by surrounding a tub with a waterproof material like solid-surfacing or tile. To enclose the tub-shower, choose either a fabric or vinyl shower curtain, or glass doors that swing open or slide.

7. Walk-In Shower

For those that can live without a tub, a small walk-in shower might be the perfect replacement. It’s true that the former bathtub space might be narrow, but a shower that is 5 feet long leaves plenty of room for a showerhead at one end, a built-in bench at the other, and several recessed storage niches in between.

8. Under the Eaves

If you’re adding a small bathroom to an attic or upper level of your home, see if there’s enough height under the eaves to stash a shower. If so, place the showerhead at the highest point inside the shower. Then, if there’s enough room, use the low-ceiling part of the shower for a built-in bench.

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