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8 Top Tips for Decorating with Metallics

8 Top Tips for Decorating with Metallics

Looking for a type of neutral decorative accent that is available in a ton of finish possibilities? Whether it’s gold, silver, copper, brass or chrome, metallics always add polish. Here are a few ways to incorporate them into your home decor.

Mix Finishes

Just like using the range of hues on a paint chip strip to establish a cohesive palette, the same idea works with metals. For instance, start with an accent piece in a polished version of a metal, then add in one with an antiqued finish, and another with a raw metal surface.

Go Industrial

Pick up a raw metal piece of furniture that shows some age and character from serving in another capacity in its last life. For instance, you could use an old lab table, industrial work table or cart as a kitchen island. Although it may take some time to locate the perfect fit and style for your space, it’s worth it to have that special one-of-a-kind metallic character that can’t be replicated in newer pieces.

Nod to the Gilded Age

It’s safe to say that gold is a metal that won’t be fading from the design world anytime soon. Take advantage of its timeless elegance by incorporating it into your space with decorative items like lamps, nesting side tables or gold-trimmed display shelves. It will work in any room, regardless of color scheme, since gold finish is considered a neutral.

Flip to the Dark Side

For lighting that is more like a piece of art, choose lights with a metal structure in an oil-rubbed bronze or a rich, bold black finish. Just remember, when you incorporate such a dark color of metal, you’ll want to repeat it throughout the room in items like window treatment hardware and table lamps.

Curate Collectibles

Put together an eclectic style by choosing a selection of metal conversation pieces in your own personal taste. Little things like classical brass busts, little gold birds, and chrome sculptural pieces all bring a unique character to an otherwise bland room. These don’t have to be expensive — visit your local antique shops and thrift stores for unique treasures that won’t break the bank.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Keep in mind that, like most decorative finishes, a little bit of metal can go a long way. So feel free to ease into this trend by adding a range of tiny accents. Although subtle, even things like metal drawer pulls and metal trim on a glass mirror will do the trick.

Choose Durable Steel

In high traffic areas like mud rooms, dining rooms, kitchens or family rooms, a key element of design is durability. You’ll want to choose furnishings that will stand up to whatever your family may throw at it. One metal option that is built to last is steel. Beautiful yet tough, steel is a perfect material for items like coffee tables, benches, barstools, and utilitarian storage cabinets.

Try a Reclaimed Rustic Look

Another type of metal finish that will definitely add interest to a room is reclaimed iron. Embrace its natural, raw texture by pairing it with earthy colors (think rustic wood tones) and you’ll end up with an exceptionally cozy space.

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