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8 Ways to Give a Neutral Kitchen Some Pizzazz

8 Ways to Give a Neutral Kitchen Some Pizzazz

While neutral palettes are great, having an all-neutral kitchen might be a bit too “plain Jane” for some. Here are a few creative ideas to give your white, gray or otherwise neutral kitchen some personality!

1. Feature a Patterned Tile

Simply adding a patterned tile to your neutral kitchen can give it the color and personality you desire. While a tiled backsplash is probably your first thought, remember patterned tile isn’t just for backsplashes! It can be added to a floor or even the back of a kitchen island. Be sure to keep other textures and decorative shapes in the room to a minimum, though, so they don’t compete with the tile.

2. Hang a Piece of Artwork

Often overlooked as a place to feature artwork, kitchens actually make the perfect backdrop for favorite works of art because people spend a lot of time there. Just be sure the art is protected, framed if appropriate, and that unframed pieces are hung away from the stove or water sources.

As an alternative to hanging artwork, consider leaning several art pieces on a shelf along with eye-catching kitchen accessories to create an attractive and interesting display.

3. Add Special Wallpaper

Wallpaper can have a big impact on any room, including the kitchen! It brings visual interest and can be just what your kitchen needs. Look to vinyl or wipeable wallpaper that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Much like artwork, keep decorative wallpaper away from the stovetop or water sources to avoid any potential issues.

4. Add an Eye-Catching Window Treatment

When using window treatments to give your neutral kitchen a lift, consider taking one of two approaches. The first is to coordinate the decorative window shade with accessories throughout the kitchen in similar colors. The second is to limit the color and pattern in your kitchen to just the shade, windows and doors. Either way you go, the result will be high impact.

5. Install Statement Lighting

Whether you choose one light over an island or several fixtures throughout the kitchen, getting creative with lighting can really amp up your kitchen’s style. Unique shapes or dramatic finishes on fixtures will really stand out against the simple backdrop of your kitchen. For a more cohesive look, try coordinating accessories or furniture with your statement lighting, such as a glamorous gold chandelier with the gold legs on bar stools.

6. Paint a Bold Accent Wall

One of the simpler ways to add personality to a neutral kitchen, painting an accent wall might be all the lift your kitchen needs. To get enough impact, be sure to choose a hue that pairs well with, but is different enough from the other colors and finishes used in your kitchen.

7. Accessorize with Color

Adding playful pops of colorful accessories throughout your kitchen is another easy way of adding character to a neutral kitchen. You can keep it simple — a kettle, organizing boxes, canisters, jars, vases — or ramp it up a bit by coordinating the accessories with your bar stools, artwork, or even produce and fresh flowers.

8. Go for Gold

Give your kitchen a luxe look with some gold accents in the form of cabinet pulls, lighting, faucets or bar stools. Gold adds glamour to even the plainest kitchen. But remember, a little bling goes a long way!

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