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9 Design Ideas for a Modern-Style Living Room

9 Design Ideas for a Modern-Style Living Room

Use this collection of design ideas as inspiration for a modern living room that will stand the test of time.

Turn on the Lights

Just changing up the style of your lighting can completely transform the look of your space. By choosing contemporary light fixtures you’ll not only bring interest to the room, but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Add Coffee Table Accents

Inject a little vertical interest into your coffee table decor by adding architectural objects. For example, try some tried-and-true, midcentury-inspired starbursts in various heights to attract the eye and complement the rest of your modern design elements.

Try a Dramatic White Rug

Forgo white walls and consider incorporating a white rug instead. Although it may require a little extra attention (no shoes in the house!), pulling off a dramatic look like this would be well worth the effort.

Layer Mirrored Trays

Try out the layered mantel trend by bypassing the single, large mirror or a trio of framed pieces. Instead, go with a curated collection of overlapping, mirrored metal trays. The result is a unique, unfussy look that can be dressed up or down — use vintage dressing table trays for a more ornate display.

Go Monochromatic

If you have a particular color that you simply can’t get enough of, consider using it everywhere. By simplifying the palette, other design elements take on more visual impact — including accents like lighting and textiles, and even scenic views out the windows.

Move Outdoor Furniture In

If you’re looking to bring organic warmth to spaces with little color, try working vintage-inspired wicker pieces, like curvy rattan chairs, into your design. They also bring a touch of movement and earthy texture.

Less is More

Go minimalist with a Scandinavian-style motif. Key components include an understated white color palette with elemental embellishments and slight wood variations. The goal of streamlined spaces like these are less about style — although they are visually appealing — and more about relaxation and a clear mind.

Edit the Artwork

When putting together a gallery wall, there’s definite drama in completely filling the space with art. The only thing more striking is editing the gallery wall down to just a handful of pieces that truly complement one another. Try to resist the urge to hang every single accessory you own, as they often lose their individual impact when drowned out by an overwhelmingly large display. By curating a selection that works well together, you’re providing the strongest overall visual and each piece can also be appreciated individually.

Break the Rules

If you feel overly confined by established design rules, ignore them and make a few choices to the contrary. Go ahead, upend expectations and break the rules! Place your coffee table off-center to highlight a particularly special area rug. Convert your fireplace into a bookshelf. Place your greenery in unusual spots. Inject a little adventure and reap the benefits!

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