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9 Simple Storage Ideas to Get Your Garage in Order

9 Simple Storage Ideas to Get Your Garage in Order

Does a functional, orderly garage sound too good to be true? We’re here to tell you that it’s possible. Start with these nine easy storage ideas and you’re well on your way!

Save Floor Space

Employing the walls of your garage for storage allows for more usable floor space for larger items. Hang up any jumbo toy buckets, awkwardly-sized objects, or specialty outdoor equipment. Be sure to keep lawn tools, gasoline and extra parts together.

Similarly, don’t be afraid to use ceiling space to hang bikes, kayaks, golfing equipment or other large items that take up valuable floor space.


A classic organizational tool, especially for more utilitarian spaces, pegboard allows you to use every bit of space efficiently. A variety of compatible hooks and baskets are available to help organize everything from paint supplies to tools. You can even apply pegboard to the sides of cabinets and shelving to make sure not even an inch of space is wasted.

Everything in Its Place

Neat and tidy, plastic storage bins are great organizational tools. Just don’t forget to label them so you know what’s inside! Another helpful asset are cubbies assigned to each member of the family. Install them right next to the door so they’re easily accessible for unloading.

The Magic of Magnets

Increase a metal shelf’s capacity by attaching magnets to small tools, paint samples, tin cans and other small items, and affixing them to the outer edges of the shelf. This way, the items are clearly visible, readily available and taking up otherwise unusable space.

Hack it

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to storage. Although clearly not a typical choice for organizing, long plastic window planters are perfect for mounting on your garage wall and storing spray paint cans and other materials.

In addition, feel free to use items from around the house to help you organize. A great example is an old file cabinet without the drawers. When turned on its back, it can be used as a storage bin for large yard tools. Paint it and add casters to the bottom to make it mobile for heavy work days. As a bonus, its magnetic outer surface also can be used for organizing magnetized smaller objects.


Store similar items together, preferably in visually appealing containers like wire baskets or clear plastic, to streamline household routines. An easy hack for organizing tangled extension cords is using 12” sections of chain to hang the wound cords on coat hooks. Mount the coat rack securely on the wall and hang two cords from each hook.

Grab and Go

Coat hooks and wall racks are also great for jackets, hats, scarves, dog leashes and other grab-and-go items. Installing a rack close to the outside door for muddy boots is a good idea as well.

Scrap Wood Storage

Often a big source of garage clutter, scrap lumber can be organized by adding casters to an old toy chest or building a simple chest out of wood — use some of the scraps!

Tuck It Away

Storage closets and standalone cabinets are a great option for large families. Not only can you hide unsightly sports equipment, assigning individual shelves or cubbies to each family member gives them dedicated space to put things. Baskets and bins are great for corralling loose balls inside the cabinet.

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