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9 Simple Tips to Convert Your Decor from Summer to Fall

9 Simple Tips to Convert Your Decor from Summer to Fall

Transition smoothly into the cool weather and autumnal vibes with these easy decorating tips.

As the warmth of summer wanes and the chillier days approach, consider swapping out the breezy materials and bright colors for the comforting tones of autumn. By choosing muted colors and minimalist accessories, you can capture the essence of both summer’s end and the onset of fall. Employ these end-of-summer design suggestions to seamlessly adjust your home’s aesthetic with hints of the upcoming season.

1. Add Book Arrangements

Immersing yourself in a captivating book on a chilly autumn day is unparalleled. Infuse your living space with this cozy fall sentiment by forgoing the traditional bookshelf. Instead, casually place and arrange books on surfaces like fireplace ledges, coffee tables, consoles, or side tables. Whether they’re age-old classics or cherished personal picks, style them with decorative containers or keepsakes.

2. Make Pressed Leaf Art

Collecting leaves can be both a delightful autumn activity and a source of attractive seasonal artwork, especially for children. Once you’ve gathered some eye-catching leaves from a walk outside, press them between books and paper. Then, showcase them in either a minimalist or antique-style frame. This budget-friendly fall craft beautifully captures the essence of nature in your living space.

3. Break Out the Baskets

Baskets, whether for storage or purely decorative purposes, evoke a warm, rustic feel, subtly introducing autumn vibes. Employ a sizable basket to store blankets or periodicals, use a shallow one as a tabletop tray, or create a decorative wall display using several baskets. With their versatility and array of designs, baskets offer a wide range of decorative possibilities to inject a fall ambiance into your space.

4. Stack Logs

Even without the need for a roaring fireplace, logs can help set the mood for fall. Before the chilly days dictate the need for a warm fire, natural logs can induce that snug fall feeling. Arrange them in a container or on a metal stand in communal areas like the living room or entryway. Artificial logs can serve the purpose just as effectively as real ones.

5. Display Antlers

Antlers evoke fall vibes, even if they’re versatile enough for year-round home decoration. Positioning a few on a shelf, console, or side table introduces a rustic touch. However, when paired with refined items such as artwork and pottery, they can also seamlessly blend into a modern aesthetic.

6. Incorporate Layers of Texture

Infuse your space with a touch of fall by mixing textures. Make subtle changes, tailoring the decor to your desired appearance. For example, a checkered throw at the bed’s end or a synthetic sheepskin laid over a leather seat can instill just the right warmth, offering a snug autumn feel without being excessive.

7. Embrace Natural Elements

Highlighting nature’s bounty is a top recommendation for end-of-summer decorating. Incorporate items like pinecones, leaves, apples, twigs, pumpkins, acorns, and gourds. These organic accents offer a subtle nod to autumn and are budget-friendly.

For a more subdued look, lean towards a white or beige palette to harmonize a room. Assemble a centerpiece using a bowl filled with tiny white pumpkins, bittersweet branches, and other natural treasures. This display subtly suggests autumn without being overly bright.

8. Put Out Candles

As the evenings become more brisk, try arranging your candles to evoke a fall ambiance. Place petite candles in Mason jars or other glass holders on a tray to create an easy and impactful autumn centerpiece. Embrace understated designs and neutral tones at the end of summer, and introduce more overt fall elements a little bit at a time for a decor transition that seamlessly endures until late autumn.

9. Swap Out Fabrics

To adapt your furniture to the changing seasons in a snap, simply replace lighter cottons with plush velvets, knits, and more tactile fabrics for items like curtains, throws, pillowcases, and rugs. These richer materials invite comfort and radiate the warmth reminiscent of fall time. Also, refreshing your accent colors can invigorate your decor, keeping things interesting.

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