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9 Surprising Backsplash Ideas for Any Room in the House

9 Surprising Backsplash Ideas for Any Room in the House

Hardworking and a great opportunity for fun, backsplashes can be used to protect walls in many places other than the kitchen, such as a mud room, bathroom, dedicated bar or home office.

Peel-and-Stick Tiles

A perfect solution for protecting walls from detergent drips and wet laundry, peel-and-stick tiles are a fast and easy update to make, and much easier to work with than grout and real tiles. In addition, they are available in a wide range of styles, such as classic subway tile and faux wood planks, so chances are good you’ll find something to go with your home decor.

Laminate Stone Look

Laminate has come a long way — even offering realistic stone-look styles that you’d never guess weren’t real stone. After all, the classic look of stone never goes out of style. Being laminate, it is easily customized to fit your intended space and is low maintenance.

Unexpected Luxury

Spills that happen in a dedicated bar area can be quite troublesome — think red wine, sticky syrups and juices. That’s why a backsplash is a great idea in these spaces. The good news is that since dedicated bars are typically compact, you have the ability to seek out more luxurious or uncommon backsplash material choices and not break the bank. An interesting backsplash can make a huge style statement in such a small space, so get creative and don’t rule out any luxurious or exotic options you come across.

Washable Wallpaper

Did you know that there are scrubbable wallpapers out there that are resistant to moisture? Consider taking advantage of it and giving yourself a budget-friendly backsplash that lets you easily incorporate non-traditional shapes and patterns. Bonus: With the temporary wallpapers available today, it’s a snap to update your backsplash whenever you feel like a change.

Beadboard Backsplash

As the first place your guests see, the entryway must look good in addition to being hardworking. A paneled backsplash in a complementary color to the walls is a stylish way to add extra protection where shoes, coats and bags are tossed. Another effective solution is to install extra-tall baseboards as a backsplash in disguise.

Bulletin Board Backsplash

While the wall space behind your desk or workstation is susceptible to ink marks, coffee spills and other unsightly blemishes, it’s also a valuable spot for planning and organizational elements. So, why not address both with a bulletin board backsplash? Not only will it protect the wall, but it’s also useful. Customize it with designer paper that can be switched out whenever you need a new look.

Similarly, another option that offers dual purpose is a chalkboard backsplash. For a dramatic statement, take the chalkboard all the way to the ceiling. A mixed approach can also be useful: sections of pegboard, whiteboard, cork board or papered surfaces.

Get Personal

Add some character to your kitchen by customizing a backsplash highlighting a personal interest. Simply apply an image or collection of images to the wall behind a plate of glass for a unique and significant tribute to something you love. One example is a display of maps for someone who is passionate about travel.

Wonderful Wainscoting

Incorporate an easy-to-clean backsplash into your breakfast nook or banquette design. Installing tile or beadboard on the walls behind seated diners can help save them from spills and splatters. Wainscoting provides the same protection, but offers a more traditional look.

Colorful Grout

Regardless of the material or application, colorful or contrasting grout will make a backsplash stand out. Using color in this unexpected way adds vibrancy and personality. Plus, by simply regrouting, you can completely change the look of your existing tile. For those with a more traditional style, consider contrasting grout to make your backsplash tile pop, such as white tile with black grout.

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