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9 Ways to Display Plates and Turn Them Into Decor

9 Ways to Display Plates and Turn Them Into Decor

Inexpensive and full of color, plates make great additions to home decor. Use these display ideas to get them out of the cupboard and into full view for everyone to enjoy.

Open Shelf Display

Pretty and practical, consider making the most of your open kitchen shelving by organizing your plates into an attractive display. Start by positioning your everyday dishes into tidy stacks, then place a few platters and plates upright against the back wall so that their designs are visible. A collection of patterned plates are a great way to bring color and texture to your kitchen.

In addition, plates can be used to complement other decorative items on open shelves. For example, put together a vignette made up of small kitchen accessories, platters, plates, cutting boards and other appropriate items. If your display consists of mostly light-colored pieces, consider using a dark hue on the shelf itself — especially the back wall — to make them stand out.

Kitchen Island Plate Rack

Consider turning blank space on the sides of your kitchen island into built-in plate racks to bring some unexpected interest. Not only will the shallow shelves effectively showcase beautiful decorative dishware, they also make a very handy storage spot for special-occasion plates.

Glass-Front Cabinet Display

Glass-front cabinets are especially nice for displaying treasured pieces since they provide a level of protection and keep out dust. If your cabinet happens to feature drawers on the bottom, consider showcasing plates, glassware and special accessories up top behind glass and using the drawers to house seldom-used items and those that aren’t as worthy of display.

High Shelf Display

A high-positioned shelf on an empty wall can provide safe and unobtrusive storage for dishware. One good spot is above a corner banquette. Store plates and serving pieces, as well as other related items to bring character to the space.

Vibrant Collection

Try to find plate display options that will enhance the color scheme of your plate collection. For example, when exhibiting bright-colored dishes, find a neutral background so that it doesn’t interfere with the presentation. A muted gray works well as a backdrop for dishware in a vivid rainbow of colors.

Patterned Shelf Display

If you have attractive fabric or wallpaper leftover from another project, consider using it to cover the inside walls of a cupboard to bring some fun to your dishware storage setup. For an even bigger impact, convert your cabinets to open shelves by removing the doors. That way the patterned wallcovering will be in full view.

Wall Display

Easily convert dinnerware into wall decor by grouping plates with similar designs and colors into a large display. Plate hangers are economical and available in most craft or hardware stores. Simply clip the plate hanger hooks onto your plates and platters, and hang them in an attractive arrangement.

Because plates are an eye-catching and economic home decor alternative, they are a great way to bring color to a neutral room. Curating a collection of brightly colored plates and hanging them together on the wall makes a strong statement. The best part? This idea goes beyond the kitchen — use it in a dining area, living room or bedroom.

Decorative Plate Display

Another striking display idea is to gather a collection of plates in a similar style and color. For maximum impact, display them all together against a contrasting backdrop. For example, a collection of lustrous green plates pop against a rich wood shelf.

Wall-Mounted Plate Rack

If your main goal is to keep the focus on the plates themselves, then a simple design is the best answer for you. For instance, a basic wall-mounted plate rack becomes a thing of beauty when filled with coordinating pieces of china. Just be sure to position any dishes you use often in a way that is practical as well as beautiful.

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