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Avoid These Often-Made Bathroom Design Errors

Avoid These Often-Made Bathroom Design Errors

Ensure your bathroom stands the test of time by steering clear of common mistakes in toilet positioning, choice of shower, and more.

Embarking on an addition or renovation of your home is a process that is both exhilarating and creative. However, it also presents the challenge of making wise decisions that are well informed and long lasting. How do you ensure that the result will fit your lifestyle, remains within budget, and offers a good return on investment? The key is to begin with a superior design for every space in your home, particularly the bathroom.

Bathrooms, regardless of size, require careful planning and strategic placement. They need to accommodate multiple users efficiently. Gone are the days when a single bathroom sufficed for several bedrooms, with enough time available for everyone. Modern bathrooms must be aesthetically pleasing, make smart use of space, and meet functional needs. By avoiding typical design pitfalls, you can ensure your bathroom remains pleasing to you for years to come.

1. Mistake: No Outside View

A gloomy, moist bathroom with poor air flow is unappealing — it’s unpleasant to spend time in such an environment. When constructing or moving a bathroom, aim to position it along an exterior wall to include windows.

Should windows be impractical, fitting an operable skylight can introduce the necessary fresh air and daylight to make the area feel welcoming.

2. Mistake: No Separation From Public Rooms

Tales abound of remodeling projects gone awry, such as contractors facing the perplexing task of integrating a bathroom into a dining room — clearly a mismatch of functions. It’s wise to steer clear of situating the bathroom directly off of any of the home’s communal areas — such as the kitchen, dining room, or living room.

This doesn’t imply the need for a lengthy hallway, but rather the importance of establishing a formal division to interrupt the direct view. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to find yourself in the living room, wine in hand, looking straight into the bathroom.

3. Mistake: Showcasing the Toilet

This brings us to another common blunder: Make sure the toilet isn’t the initial view upon entering the bathroom and that it isn’t visible from nearby rooms. One popular approach is to place the toilet and shower in a separate enclosure, leaving the sink area accessible. This layout lets one person shower without hindering another’s use of the sink area.

4. Mistake: Not Going Curbless

Installing a curbless shower boosts the perception of space and cleanliness in a bathroom, in addition to being highly functional for homeowners planning to age in place, as it aligns with universal design standards.

Achieving this design in a new build or renovation is relatively easy, but it’s crucial to discuss this feature with your architect or contractor before construction begins.

5. Mistake: Taking a ‘Bigger is Better’ Approach

It’s not about size but about quality. Whether you’re planning a spacious master bathroom in your dream house or trying to shoehorn in an additional bathroom to accommodate your expanding family, the key to your bathroom’s success lies in its design. It must be able to efficiently meet the demands of your lifestyle.

In reality, the essence of great design isn’t just in the bathroom’s appearance but in its functionality as well. Effective design results in a home that operates more smoothly, is less expensive to construct, easier to upkeep, and delivers greater value for the investment.

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