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Bring Warmth, Color and Personality to Your Kitchen With a Runner

Bring Warmth, Color and Personality to Your Kitchen With a Runner

If you have a kitchen that needs a little pick-me-up, consider adding a runner rug. They’re especially helpful for kitchens that tend to feel too much like a workspace. Here’s what a good runner has to offer:

They Add Warmth & Softness

Most kitchens have a lot of hard surfaces — appliances, counters, cabinets — that can benefit from the visual softness of a rug. In fact, if your kitchen tends to be more of a workspace than a comfortable gathering spot for family and friends, the warmth of a tactile rug can do wonders to make it feel more welcoming.

Just as important, the literal softness of a rug will give you something cushy to stand on while you work. Just that little bit of extra cushioning under your feet can make a big difference for those who spend a lot of time standing in one spot prepping food, cooking, or just visiting with guests.

The one thing you’ll have to look out for when adding a rug to the kitchen is spills. Make sure you know how to deal with food stains and are prepared to react quickly to drips, splatters and crumbs. The type of rug you choose, as well as the pattern and color, are other ways to combat potential spills and stains. For instance, going with a flat-weave versus a shag rug, and sticking to darker color palettes that hide rather than highlight imperfections.

They Inject Color

Adding a splash of color to your kitchen can be quite a challenge sometimes, especially since the options are often limited. For instance, painting the cabinets a bold hue can feel too risky — particularly if you’re concerned with resale value. And if you rent, painting your neutral cabinets fuchsia will most certainly jeopardize your damage deposit. The solution? Look to a slim runner as an easy way to add a big dose of vibrancy in whatever bold color you choose.

If a more subtle color injection is what you’re after, consider multi-tonal rugs like classic Oriental or Persian styles in warm reds and oranges. The more colors in the rug, the less any one single hue will jump out. What you’re left with is an effect that is simultaneously more colorful and more neutral.

The best part about using rugs for color is that you can easily change them out if you’re craving a different look. You can even change rugs seasonally for dramatically different looks throughout the year.

To reinforce the color injection, look for a few accessories that pull from the primary color of your rug. Just a few simple pieces in tandem with the rug are all it takes to fully “colorize” the room.

They Add Pattern and Personality

A design element that is important to consider in any form of decor is pattern. Whether subtle or dramatic, colorful or without color, a dose of pattern brings essential energy and personality to a room. In addition, some patterns are more appropriate for certain design styles than others. For example, when trying to add interest, but also preserve a serene atmosphere in a transitional- or cottage-inspired home, consider rugs that have a geometric pattern in a tone-on-tone color palette. For a more contemporary or dramatic approach, a basic black-and-white stripe is a strong choice. And lastly, complex ornamental patterns in time-tested color palettes add a sense of maturity and sophistication to traditional or eclectic design styles.

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