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Budget-Friendly Bedroom Update Tips for an Easy Refresh

Budget-Friendly Bedroom Update Tips for an Easy Refresh

To refresh your bedroom’s look and avoid snooze-worthy decor, consider these simple — and cost-effective — decorating tips.

These budget-friendly bedroom makeover options will not only add charm, but also enhance comfort and usability.

Inject Color

Maintaining neutral tones for your bedroom’s walls and furniture allows for the effortless addition of vibrant color. Simply choose a couple of your favorite colors, then echo these shades in dynamic wall art, striking bed linens, and lively decorative pieces. For instance, add a vibrant touch to a subdued setting with a bold duvet, throw blanket, and pillows.

Add a Dash off Pattern

Patterns, similar to colors, have a strong emotional impact that can inspire your decorative choices. Whether your preference is for bold stripes, vibrant floral designs, or traditional toile, incorporating patterns can invigorate any room. To spice up a neutral space with a touch of pattern, consider placing an eye-catching quilt or duvet across the end of the bed.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Refreshing your bedroom is as simple as switching up the textures through different types of throws; opt for a plush one in the colder months and a lightweight cotton one during summer. There’s a variety of textures to match any design style. Here are some suggestions based on different style types:

  • For a traditional look: Consider hand-tufted carpets, textured wool, ornate silver, crystal, gold leaf frames, silk, fine china, and smooth wooden finishes.
  • In a country aesthetic: Choose rugs that are braided, weathered wood, oxidized metal accents, chenille coverlets, earthenware pottery, hand-blown glass, and classic ticking.
  • For a romantic ambiance: Incorporate soft velvets, cozy furry blankets, crystal accents, delicately embroidered textiles, lace details, artistically painted furnishings, and hand-hooked carpets.
  • In a modern setting: Go for furniture in laminated plywood, shiny plastic accents, sleek leather, stainless steel finishes, terrazzo floors, and teak elements.

Consider Bold Bedding

Fresh bed linens can instantly transform the look and feel of your bedroom. If you’re fond of the concept of new bedding but have limited space to store hefty comforters and quilts, think about using a duvet. You can easily update your bedroom each season by simply changing the duvet cover.

Accent Pillow Update

Decorative pillows offer a quick and easy way to change a room’s character and adjust its color scheme. This is particularly effective in a bedroom, where the bed serves as a central feature. Adding pillows can instantly revive a space, introducing new shapes, designs, textures, hues, and a sense of individuality.

Embrace Your Personality

Revitalize your bedroom by incorporating pictures and items that reflect your unique personality. If you’re enthusiastic about activities like bird-watching or mountain hikes, integrate these interests into your bedroom’s decor. As an illustration, in a teenager’s bedroom, a display of skateboards mounted above the headboard can serve as a homage to their cherished pastime.

Take a Load Off Your Feet

If your master bedroom doesn’t have enough room for a distinct seating area, don’t worry! You can place a bench or a compact loveseat at the foot of the bed. This isn’t just a convenient spot to sit while putting on shoes; it also adds versatility to your room’s design. Coordinate and exchange decorative pillows and throws between the bed and the seating to enhance the look.

Get a New Perspective

Enhance your bedroom’s appeal at no cost by positioning the bed diagonally from a corner. If your current headboard seems too large for this setup, consider substituting it with a reclaimed iron gate or a smaller upholstered headboard. A compact side table placed beside the bed serves as a perfect spot for your nighttime reading essentials without occupying too much floor space.

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