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Cheap and Easy Home Updates to Implement This Fall

Cheap and Easy Home Updates to Implement This Fall

Seamlessly transition your home from summer to fall with these five affordable updates.

Autumn brings a refreshing change after months of summer festivities. We transition into this season in many ways: stocking up on pumpkin-flavored treats and apple cider, exchanging shorts and tees for pants and sweaters, and shifting our music preferences from summer hits to more mellow autumn tunes.

Your home is the most important spot to transition for autumn, however. Try to resist the temptation of quirky Halloween mats, banners proclaiming “It’s Fall Y’all,” and cliche Thanksgiving tableware. They can disrupt your home’s vibe and necessitate bigger changes than you want to make. Instead, consider subtle mods that will endure the entire season. Here are some cost-effective suggestions to ready your home for a stylish and snug autumn.

Switch Out Textiles

Change out your decorative pillow covers, blankets, and bedding. Opting for warmer colors and comfy materials in autumn can alter a room’s ambiance without a lot of effort. Just remember, any textiles with designs or words tied to a specific holiday might need replacing post-celebration. Selecting items in seasonal shades ensures longevity. Colors like deep reds, greens and yellows capture the season’s warm and earthy essence.

Embrace Seasonal Scents

A familiar fragrance has the power to take you back in time. Think about switching your summer candles for ones with warmer, more grounded aromas. Summer fragrances like jasmine, vanilla, and coconut can be set aside for the coming year. While cinnamon and pumpkin are classic autumn choices, also consider earthier picks like sandalwood, leather, and patchouli. To elevate your candles to full-fledged decorative pieces, opt for candleholders in natural shades or designs, such as terracotta, amber, or terrazzo.

Enhance the Entryway

Your home’s entrance sets the initial tone for visitors and offers a big opening for personal expression. As the seasons shift, a good start is to change the wreath adorning your front door. Refresh your entryway to greet visitors with the spirit of the current season. For an easy autumn display, choose a wreath that embodies the season and complement it with pumpkins or potted mums on your front steps.

Update Your Greenery

While many flowers peak in spring and summer, autumn also has its floral delights. Stunners like mums, stonecrop, crocosmia, and strawflower are ideal for this season. You can also use branches laden with berries for striking centerpieces. Consider showcasing pussy willow, olive, bittersweet, or forsythia branches. For a high-impact minimalist look, arrange the branches in diverse directions, resulting in a grand, sculptural display.

Focus On the Small Stuff

A helpful guideline when making seasonal updates is to limit the changes to only items you could fit in a large tote bag. While you can’t tote a painted wall or a rug, textiles, small décor pieces, and home accents are manageable. Though it might seem tempting to replace items like an area rug, it can be both time-consuming and costly. Instead, focus on refreshing smaller decorative elements.

If you’re hesitant to purchase new items, consider rearranging what you already own. Exchange the vibrant green vase from the living area with the muted, textured one from the bathroom. Replace the bedroom’s linen pillows with the light canvas ones from the sunroom. Reposition potted houseplants into empty terracotta vases that aren’t being used. A bunch of small changes can often make a big impact.

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