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Clever Decorating Ideas for the Guest Bathroom

Clever Decorating Ideas for the Guest Bathroom

Enhance your guest bathroom with these creative ideas, including smart storage solutions and amenities that show you care.

From the moment guests enter your home, they should feel the warmth of your hospitality, which should carry through to both the guest bedroom and bathroom. In these spaces, visitors should find comfort and convenience, with essentials easily accessible.

In the process of creating a guest bathroom, whether starting anew or adding final details, keep these suggestions in mind to ensure your overnight guests have a pleasant experience.

1. Add Window Shades for Privacy

Almost everyone appreciates a bathroom bathed in natural light. However, to ensure guests’ comfort while they change or shower, it’s important to provide the option to close the shades. Choosing a straightforward pull-down shade can be an ideal choice for bathroom windows, as it eliminates any confusion for guests on how to operate them.

2. Arrange a Tray of Necessities

Travelers aiming for efficient packing, particularly those flying with carry-on luggage and adhering to the FAA’s 3.5-ounce limit, often bring only the essentials. That’s why it’s a good idea (if your counter space allows) to consider setting up a tray with common toiletries like cotton swabs, lotion, and cleansing pads to accommodate their needs.

3. Incorporate Accessible Storage

When getting ready for guests, a compact bathroom might pose storage issues. A practical fix for restricted storage space is to install shelves over the toilet. This not only creates additional space but also allows for items like bath towels to be displayed openly, making it easier on guests to locate what they need.

4. Small Luxuries Go a Long Way

Following a lot of travel, or even a brief trip, a warm shower or bath can be incredibly rejuvenating. Ensure your shower is equipped with all the necessary bath items, like washcloths, razors, and various body and face soaps, organized neatly in a corner shelving unit. If your budget permits, consider indulging in high-quality shampoo or conditioner.

5. Make Extra Toilet Paper Easy to Find

It can be quite inconvenient for guests to find an empty toilet paper roll in someone else’s home. To avoid leaving them guessing where to find a new roll, consider placing a basket filled with extra rolls in a visible location. This will give your guests peace of mind.

6. Add a Storage Cart

Using rolling carts as an alternative to a vanity or medicine cabinet can be an effective way to add functional vertical storage. If a standard utility cart doesn’t quite fit your needs, consider a more compact model that can easily fit between the sink and toilet. Just ensure that this slim-line bathroom storage option has enough room to accommodate all necessary items before you buy it.

7. Mount a Peg Rail

Hooks are incredibly useful in a guest bathroom, and a peg rack offers exceptional versatility and storage capability. Put it to work hanging bathrobes, clean towels, or body brushes. It’s also possible to hang a basket on it, providing a convenient spot to store smaller bathroom items.

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