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Cozy Design Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Cozy Design Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Survive this cold, stark time of year by making your home so comfortable you don’t want to leave. Use these tips to embrace all the positive parts of staying inside.

Get That Fire Roaring

Being out in nature provides a big boost to our moods, so what do you do when it’s impossible to get outside? Bring the outdoors in, of course. A Swedish study found that fireplaces — and even woodstoves — can inspire happiness and reduce stress. If you are one that enjoys campfires, then this result doesn’t come as a surprise.

No fireplace? No problem. Consider locating a compact, portable woodstove for your home, or installing a firepit in your patio or yard. If you happen to have a nonfunctional fireplace in your house, consider stacking birch logs or firewood near it to create a rustic vibe.

Add Wall Art You Love

Bring your walls to life with artwork that speaks to you. The possibilities are endless! You can enlarge and print your own personal photos, order art prints online from a favorite artist, frame attractive wallpaper or specialty paper, or go local by exploring the art options in your community. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could even create the artwork yourself. There are loads of easy DIY art projects to choose from on the Internet.

Go Candle Crazy

As we mentioned before, a roaring fire has a way of inducing feelings of comfort. If no fire is available, then candles are a good substitute to fill that absence. In addition, the dancing glimmer of candlelight is a lot less harsh than regular overhead lighting. For a dramatic effect, consider lining your window sills with tealight candles and investing in several richly scented candles housed in pretty glass containers. Don’t feel bad about paying a little extra for candles in attractive holders, as they can be used for other purposes once their candles are gone, including decorating shelves, coffee tables, and nightstands.

Create a Cozy Reading Corner

Put together a charming little reading nook with just a heap of blankets and pillows, and a small, well-thought-out library. Add some mellow lighting and find a spot next to a window so you can keep a lookout for falling snow. Now is a great time to rethink an existing window seat or transform that awkward area beneath the stairs into a special reading spot.

Hang Sheer Curtains

Despite short winter days, the sun still brings a warm, natural glow for the few hours it’s visible. Use thin, light-colored drapes to take full advantage of those precious hours, while still maintaining privacy. After all, the goal is to let the light in, not put your living room on display.

Plants, Plants, Plants

The houseplant rage that began in 2020 is far from over and it’s easy to see why. Not only can houseplants improve our overall well-being by providing our homes with direct links to nature, they also bring beauty and work to improve air quality. If adding more plants to your home sounds like a good idea, consider heading to a plant store near you and asking for some advice about what plants would be appropriate. In addition, pots are available in loads of colors, styles and patterns, from simple, classic terra cotta pots to ones in bold, fun patterns. How do you know which to choose? Well, if it makes you happy, then it’s a perfect fit.

Bring Warmth Underfoot

If your home features hardwood or tile floors, getting an area rug or two to warm things up is a no-brainer. Small area rugs are extremely beneficial for spaces that need a little coziness. Try putting one by your bed so that you start each morning with your feet hitting something soft and pleasant.

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