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Creative Decor Ideas for Your Mantel

Creative Decor Ideas for Your Mantel

If you have a mantel in your home, then you are one of the lucky people with an extra-special place to showcase artwork, collectibles or even your television. Here are 9 great mantel decor ideas for you to try!

Consider It a Shelf

Since most fireplace mantels have some depth to them, decorate them as you would any other shelf. First, choose your centerpiece — a large piece of art, for instance — and either attach it to the wall or lean it for a more casual look. From here, group smaller decorative items like candlesticks, books, potted plants, and other artsy objects on either side. To add interest, be sure to vary heights and shapes.

Make a Statement

Go big or go home, as the saying goes. To make a significant impact with a single stroke, there’s nothing better than a statement piece. Consider a large eye-catching painting about as tall as the firebox and wide as the mantel itself. A handful of small items that don’t take away from your main attraction can round out the display.

Asymmetrical Display

While symmetry has its positive points, most successful decorating ideas simply aren’t equal on both sides. What they do have, however, is even visual weight. Give an asymmetrical display a try by beginning with one large piece, such as a painting or sculptural object, and setting it on your mantel just off center. Next, add a few decorative pieces to the left and offset them with a few pieces on the right. Keep adjusting your arrangement until both sides look balanced.

A Coat of Paint

It’s very common for mantels to be the same color or material as the fireplace. But they don’t have to be! Put a spotlight on your mantel by painting it a color that sets it apart from the fireplace below. For a lighter colored fireplace, consider a darker hue for the mantel. Not only will this enhance every object on its surface, it’ll lend visual weight to the display and draw the eye in.

Lovely Layers

Don’t shy away from layering items on your mantel. Go ahead — let frames overlap, have bigger pieces peek out from behind small ones. Not only does this technique add depth, texture and character, it gives the impression that your display was built over time.

Show Off That TV

Newsflash: We all watch TV. You don’t have to hide it. So, why not put your screen front and center? Make your television a piece of your decor — hang it above the mantel and surround it with sconces, small framed art or other interesting pieces.

Classic Symmetry

Typically found in more traditional rooms, symmetrical furnishings bring a sense of order and tranquility to a space. Decorating your mantel should adhere to the same line of thinking. Try hanging a large piece of art above your mantel, centered above the firebox. Then add in a few smaller objects — sconces, vases, bottles, books — mirrored on each side in near-perfect symmetry.

Get Personal

Interested in showcasing a personal collection? Your mantel can be the ideal platform, whether the collection is conventional (pottery, framed photographs), or more unique (antique typewriters, travel trinkets). To integrate your collection into the room and create a more cohesive environment, be sure to repeat colors, motifs and materials on the mantel that appear elsewhere in the room.

The Power of Repetition

Do not underestimate the power of repetition. For instance, when you take a set of different sized photos and mat, frame, and arrange them above a mantel, the repetition of the same-sized frames and same-colored mats virtually erases the differences in photo sizes. What you are left with is the impact made by the overall arrangement.

Nature’s Beauty

Nature has been and always will be a strong inspiration for interior design. For a more natural mantel, harness nature’s beauty with a wood-framed mirror, sculptural driftwood, and some eye-catching plant choices. Each piece in the display brings its own organic shape and texture for a comforting overall presentation. If possible, go out and search for more natural elements to add. Shells, branches, pods and gourds all make great choices.

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