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Creative Ways to Display Your Antiques & Collectibles

Creative Ways to Display Your Antiques & Collectibles

Get ready to pull your vintage treasures out of storage and put them on display. Use these simple ideas to showcase your antiques and collectibles to advantage.

Memory Lane

Put a tabletop postcard rack to work in your home holding snapshots of family memories. You’ll be heading down memory lane with a simple spin instead of making that long trek to pull out heavy, outdated photo albums hidden away in some closet or obscure cabinet. As a bonus, the displayed photos are easy to swap out seasonally or for special occasions. For example, swap out old Halloween photos for special photos of the past Christmases during the holidays.

Gallery Wall

If you collect vintage art or posters, consider consolidating them into one gallery wall to show them off to advantage. While gallery walls will work just about anywhere, for optimal impact, consider displaying your vintage art in a high-traffic space like a staircase, hallway or the living room. Tip: Use kraft paper cutouts to map out your display before hanging each piece.

Give Them New Life

Instead of using your vintage pieces just for display, try giving them a new purpose. For instance, old metal coolers make great looking planters. They can be used to jazz up the front porch, or if you’re concerned about damage from the elements, make charming indoor decor.

Suitcase Storage Display

For those avid travelers out there, displaying your vintage suitcase collection is a cinch! Simply incorporate them into a shelving unit display with other collectibles from your travels. Be sure to make use of the empty suitcase space for storage — they’re perfect for holding household extras, like throw blankets!

Seashell Souvenirs

If the beach is your heaven on earth, consider displaying your vacation treasures, like seashells and sand. Simply fill Mason jars with your beach momentos, label them, and line your cabinets with these wonderful reminders of family vacations and honeymoons past.

Bold Bookends

Nestle a few books between a couple treasured bulky collectibles, like typewriters, vintage sewing machines or other hefty pieces, and you’ve got a stylish, easy display case idea. Remember — bulky collectibles make great bookends.

Sporty Space

Get inspired by a favorite pastime and hang vintage sporting goods on the wall. This idea is perfect for a bedroom, game room or spicing up a boring hallway. Just make sure your display is shallow enough that people aren’t bumping into it as they pass by.

Fashion Finds

Have a favorite vintage dress or outfit? It deserves better than sitting in the closet. Why not pull it out and display it full-time with a mannequin? That way you’ll be able to show off your incredible vintage finds without stressing about possible stains and harm that comes with wearing clothing. Plus, the display can easily be changed seasonally or for special holidays. Tip: Be sure to display vintage clothing out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Colorful Canisters

Colorful and intricately designed, vintage cookie tins and canisters are often beautiful enough for a standalone display. For best effect, try arranging them on a vintage cart, or lining them up across the top of your kitchen cabinets.

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