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Creative Ways to Put Furniture to Work as Living Room Storage

Creative Ways to Put Furniture to Work as Living Room Storage

Cut back on clutter by organizing and keeping your living room essentials out of sight. The secret? Versatile furniture with multiple functions.

Chest of Drawers

While dressers are generally found in the bedroom, they also make great storage additions to the living room. Simply load up the drawers with things like movies, games, electronics, books and toys. If your living room space is compact, a dresser can also be used as a TV stand that secures all your necessities right where you need them.

Coffee Table with Tiers

Multi-tiered coffee tables offer more function than the standard version with only one surface. Use the bottom level to hold magazines and books; corral smaller items with trays or baskets. For a chic display, adorn the top with decorative items like flower arrangements and candles.


Give yourself an efficient and useful home office spot by slipping a desk into a corner of the living room. The best part? It doubles as storage. Find a desk that features drawers or cabinets so it’s easy to stash things like notepads and pencils. If you don’t have an open corner or window where you can place the desk, consider pushing it up against the back of your couch.

Console Table or Cabinet

Console tables are a chic way to bring in some extra living room storage, especially those featuring a slim profile. They’re perfect for positioning behind the sofa or against a shallow wall. In addition to the surface, stylish containers can be aligned underneath for added storage. Console tables are available in a wide range of sizes, so you should have no problem finding one that will fit your space.

For open floor plans, a console cabinet is a must-have piece. It’s a little bigger than a console table and features more space that is concealed from view. Also, it’s the perfect piece to slide behind a “floating” sofa that is positioned in the middle of a room. A console cabinet can be used to place drinks, hold lamps that brighten up the seating area, and the cupboards are ideal to stash living room necessities.


Substantial pieces like hutches, armoires and cabinets make great storage options for formal or traditional living rooms. Use them to organize all your entertainment essentials or anything best kept out of sight, like extra pillows and throws.

Bench with Storage

Storage benches offer two functions for the price of one: a cushy place to sit and cubbies below that can hold all kinds of stuff, like books, games, toys or craft supplies. Position the bench by a window for a simple DIY window seat.

Storage Ottoman

In addition to providing versatile storage that helps boost function and order in your living room, ottomans can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Look for one with a lid that opens up to a spacious storage compartment. Stash blankets, gaming equipment, or anything that is cluttering up your space. Consider increasing the function of your storage ottoman by upgrading it with casters for mobility.

Skirted Table

Did you know that you can turn a basic table into hidden storage by applying a skirt? It’s actually a pretty simple DIY project that can be done in an hour or two. First, cut and hem your chosen fabric to the right size. Then, apply hook-and-loop tape around the edge of the table and secure the skirt. Once the skirt has been attached, it’s just a matter of slipping storage containers under the table to increase your living room efficiency.

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