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Decorate This Fall With Fruits of the Harvest

Decorate This Fall With Fruits of the Harvest

Historically, autumn has been a time of celebration and thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. Here’s how to incorporate nature’s bounty into your home decor this season — including fruit, vegetables and more.

Green Apple Centerpiece

Put together a striking fall centerpiece by grouping autumn classics like pine cones and gourds with vibrant green apples. For an even more striking display, corral the arrangement in a galvanized crate or vintage wooden dough bowl in the center of your dining table.

Cinnamon Stick Candles

Who doesn’t want seasonal decorations that are simple, elegant and easy on the wallet? For these delicious-smelling DIY candles, all you have to do is find dollar store pillar candles and wrap them in zesty cinnamon sticks. Once the cinnamon sticks are attached, finish the candles off by tying them with a festive ribbon, jute or piece of seasonal fabric. Line the candles up on your dining table or side table for a warm welcome to family and friends.

Stylish Squash Centerpiece

Hollow out a trio of elongated butternut squash for unique vase-like vessels to hold an arrangement of gorgeous fall flowers. The richly colored blooms will pop against the pale squash as the one-of-a-kind display impresses guests and adds huge amounts of character to your fall table.

Path of Pumpkins

Share your autumn spirit with the whole neighborhood by lining your front walkway or stairs with a touch of lush fall greenery and colorful pumpkins and gourds. Mix things up by combining different colors, sizes and textures.

Mixed Nuts Topiary

Nuts make a natural go-to when decorating for fall, as they are a good reminder of harvest time. For a fresh idea, consider covering a foam topiary with an assortment of textured nuts. Simply attach the nuts with a hot glue gun and use dark peat moss to fill in any open spaces in between.

Mini Pumpkin Planters

Hollow out mini white pumpkins to create charming little planters for tiny, sculptural succulents. Either display the planters throughout the house, arrange them into a cute grouping, or use them as place markers for a dinner party. Want to really impress your guests? Send your mini planters home with them at the end of the night as a party favor.

Apple Tea Light Delight

If money is tight but you need a clever centerpiece solution, consider heading to your nearest produce aisle. Simply seek out some nice looking apples and tuck a tealight candle into each of them to create a festive glow that will enhance any festive decor.

Orchard Fresh Topiary

Heading out to the orchard is a great idea, in fact, as pears make another superb fall decorating option. Combine fresh pears, delightful red apples and classic seasonal greenery to turn an ordinary autumn dining table or buffet into something spectacular.

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