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Design a Functional Home Office for the Whole Family

Design a Functional Home Office for the Whole Family

Use these fun, creative ideas to fill your home office space with work surfaces, storage and designated areas for adults and kids.

Use Color to Make It Inviting

Use paint color to make it a fun, creative space in which everyone will want to work. For example, try a soothing shade of blue-gray for the walls with an injection of high-energy accents, like hot pink or orange.

Dining Table Workspace

Standard desks tend to be limited when it comes to how much width they offer. The solution? Dining tables. They provide plenty of width to accommodate communal workspaces. Pick a rectangular table that will suit your style. To free up space for multiple chairs, consider pushing one side of the table against a wall.

Little Ones Need Space Too

Vintage school desks are a great way to bring style and productivity to your home office area. Little kids love having a designated spot to focus on reading and writing — especially one that is pint-sized just like them! To freshen up an old school desk, simply give it a coat of paint in a bold, high-energy color your child won’t be able to resist.

Kid-Friendly Accessories

Typical offices are filled with file cabinets, shelves full of office supplies and other necessary equipment. Not very exciting for little ones. To make it more kid-friendly, try bringing in some practical accessories that will appeal to them:

  • Kid-sized Easel — Use it to display favorite pieces of art that everyone can choose and enjoy. Change the art up as you see fit.
  • Oversized Clock — Hang it directly above the workspace and use it to teach the kids how to tell time.
  • Plastic Hourglass — Find one in a bright color and use it to help the kids prepare for timed tests or study sessions. The visual will show them exactly how much time remains. They can even reset it themselves if need be.
  • Paper Roll — Using a towel rod, hang a roll of butcher paper on the wall at kid height and encourage them to make lists and stay organized. Approximately three feet above the ground is a good height.

Family Goals Jar

With life being so busy — especially with kids — so many good ideas get lost from day to day. That’s where a family goals jar comes in. Simply designate a jar and fill it with things each family member would like to do, make or change. Write the ideas on small pieces of paper, fold them and add them to the jar. Designate a certain time or day to pull an idea or two, then figure out how to work as a family to make them happen.

Hide the Clutter

When dealing with a main workspace, it’s always a good idea to emphasize the attractive items and hide the clutter. For example, use open shelving to showcase books, stylish containers and decor, but use concealed storage space to stash office supplies, electronics, and important documents

When trying to organize toys and games, the easiest way to keep them from becoming clutter is to use a cubby system. Think large cubbies with baskets deep enough to hold anything from stuffed animals to books to blocks.

Multipurpose Seating

In small spaces, try putting upholstered cube ottomans to work in place of chairs. That way not only will you have comfy seating, you’ll also have built-in places to keep toys or other items neatly concealed.

Unique Display Jars

While it’s true that some toys and art supplies have a way of looking like clutter, when organized and stored effectively, they happen to offer great color and shape. Consider putting these types of items on display in clear jars to bring some bold color and texture to cubbies or bookshelves.

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