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Dreamy and Welcoming: Minimalist Beds are Trending

Dreamy and Welcoming: Minimalist Beds are Trending

It’s time to put aside your decorative pillows and that colorful comforter.

Our bedrooms are havens, places to retreat and relax after a taxing day, and our beds serve as the heart of this sanctuary. The aim in designing bedroom spaces, especially when deciding on bedding, is often to create a peaceful atmosphere. This leads to a focus on comfort in the aesthetic. Although some prefer a maximalist approach, featuring a spectrum of bright colors and plush bedspreads, a growing trend leans towards minimalism. This involves discarding the extra throw pillows and opting for what some designers refer to as a ‘monastic bed’.

Minimalism Design and Its Hybrids

The concept of monastic or minimalist beds is an off-shoot of minimalist design, which emphasizes sleek lines, tidy spaces, and subdued color palettes. The era of bulky duvets, layered throws, elaborate headboards, and extravagant bed frames is fading. Instead, minimalist beds feature a basic platform or a similarly simple frame, bedding in a single color, only necessary pillows, and a simple comforter or quilt, often casually draped to create a welcoming look.

Clients are increasingly expressing to designers a desire for less clutter and reduced visual complexity in their homes, while still valuing the presence of their personal items. This preference seems to be driving a blend of minimalist and maximalist elements.

Incorporating both these styles in a single room, especially in bedrooms where beds are the central element, is becoming popular. For those who subscribe to the ‘less is more’ philosophy, these beds are ideal and inviting. However, those who love vibrant colors and patterns might find them somewhat sparse.

How to Embrace the Minimalist Bed Trend

Minimalist beds, despite their understated design, can still offer luxury and comfort.

Begin with a high-quality mattress and a protective cover. Opt for sheets and bedcovers made of lightweight, natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, or linen. In cooler weather, layer blankets rather than using a single, oversized down comforter.

For a minimalist aesthetic, two flat-laid pillows are sufficient, but if you need extra support for reading or watching TV, feel free to add more. Just remember the one minimalist rule: no decorative throw pillows! Store extra blankets in a closet or drawer, rather than draping them at the end of the bed.

In addition to the aesthetic, a minimalist bed also has the practical advantage of being quicker and easier to make in the morning, increasing the likelihood of doing it daily. If you miss the extra elements, you can reintroduce throw pillows as needed. Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that ensures you feel relaxed and refreshed each morning, whether that aligns with minimalist or maximalist preferences.

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